Introduction: through Ruth’s character. Moreover, the author shows

Introduction:The book of Ruth is a story of love, mercy, loyalty,and grace.  It is the greatest love storyin the bible.  The author masterfullyuses the interpersonal communication between two characters, Ruth and Boaz, to demonstratesurrender, humble devotion, love, and faithfulness.  The author utilizes the interpersonalcommunication between the two characters to tell a story of redemption and showthe reader how God works behind the scenes.

 The writer believes that the characters in the book of Ruth reveal tothe reader the character of God – a sovereign and loving God, who is always incontrol.   Thesisstatement:Most importantly, it is through this love story thatthe author shows the reader how God wants us to receive His love, through Hisson Jesus Christ, and how we are to give our love to others.   Message:It is through the characters in the book of Ruththat the author paints a picture of God. The message that the author conveys tothe reader is that God is patient, merciful, and gracious.  He is sovereign and loving; therefore, He isgreat.  The author shows the reader that weare all Ruth – we are all wondering is the field ready and willing to acceptthe love of Jesus Christ.

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  The authorshows the reader how he or she is to receive the love of Jesus through humbledevotion, loyalty, and faithfulness. This is expressed and exemplified through Ruth’s character.  Moreover, the author shows the reader how weare to give our love to others.  This isexemplified through Boaz’s character as being a protector and provider for thepoor (Ruth and Naomi).  The ultimate messagethe author conveys is as follows: If you love God, through His son JesusChrist, with all your heart, devotion and faithfulness, you will fall underGod’s protection – this is the ultimate love story.      Whatstood out, and why?Scripture does not sugar coat anything, and theauthor proves this in the book of Ruth.

  Naomiand Ruth exemplify that people who follow God experience adversity and tragedy.  In His sovereign design, God ordains tragedy toset the stage for triumph.  It is anexpression of His love.  


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