Introduction Thousands of business organizations began using them

  IntroductionMethodologies involved in agile project management for softwaredevelopment were developed since the 1990s.

Thousandsof business organizations began using them and as a result, startedthe process of training hundreds of thousands of individuals within theirworkforce. Requirements usually evolveand hence, cannot be entirely pre-definedas evidenced by claims made by The Agile Alliance or The Agile manifestos,which were published in 2001.This paperseeks to describe as well as reflect my personal experiences with using an agileproject management approach during my previous group assignments.

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  Difficulties with Agile Project ManagementThereare some of the potential difficulties associated with agile methods whichinclude team members need to have high interpersonal and technical skills1  ibid.As shown, most of the team members of agile development have no adequateknowledge and experience on agile methods therefore becoming a setback inadopting. Also, witnessed is the risk factors introduced as a result of lack ofdocumentation. Agile involves large documentation, despite that, it also involvesa team, a case that may lead to high risks as a result of the complexity.Lastly, the continued evolvement of user requirements during the projectdevelopment may result to significant change in scope as shown.

    Advantagesof Agile Project ManagementI felt that it was easy to use agilemethodology because many processes therein tend to emphasize the interactionsbetween people and in particular, all team members. Therefore, variousindividuals tasked with critical taskssuch as developing or testing the project during agile project had to interact with each other for monitoring projectprogress continually. Also, I feltthat it was the most adventitious methodologies because group members wereforced to engage in face to face communication, which is the most effectivemeans of communication. Moreover, as a result of close attention towards a gooddesign and technical aspects involved in the project, group members developeddaily close communication to adaptany changing circumstances in unison. The process of agile methodology rarelycauses conflicts within project members who may submit specific changes; late.Agile project management welcomes late changes that may be involved inrequirements.

 Best Part using Agile MethodologyOne of the major concepts that make agiletools easier is the flexibility and efficiency in dealing with change. Agiletools stresses on team development, interaction and that will enhance communitybased values. During my group assignment, I found or discovered more freedom oftime as well as numerous options that could beintegrated into many processesinvolved during agile software development. Traditionally, many people arediscouraged by software development that requires all people involved to userigid sequential methods.

As a result, all group members felt that they hadmore options that provided them with the ability to leave critical or importantdecisions until the group had accessed hosting programs or even data, which wasbetter. Therefore, the best part was getting involvedin the group’s project without the fear of arriving at a sudden standstill atany stage of development.    Most Difficult Part Dueto communication problems experienced bymy team members and individuals involved for quality assurances. Also, other challenges included; decreasedvisibility as far as project progress was concerned, inexperienced productowners, insufficient training, andintrusions by large visible charts.  As a result of existing difficulties, themost difficult part was the fear oflosing some team members since I felt that they would be compelled to give upeasily during the assignment.      ConclusionCurrently, as a result of evolution, thereare various frameworks, methodologies as well as processes, which embodyprinciples and values involved in agilesoftware development. Agile Management Project carries a set of problems aswell as challenges that are seen to be different from those incurred byprojects that follow traditional methodologies.

However, further researchshould be able to give solutions to the shortcomings associated with thedevelopment of agile methodologies.        


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