Introduction: and multidisciplinary activity. Guidelines for Good Agricultural

Introduction: The journey of raw materials from its origin to finished
product goes like: Cultivator-Collector-Pharmacy-Retailer-User. The
pharmaceutical research has received much attention and has been recognized as
complex and multidisciplinary activity. Guidelines for Good Agricultural
Practices seek to lay down standards for production of raw material that goes
in to the making of the ASU medicines and standardize the production processes
from farm to factory.


Aim: Identify and highlights all
such problems and issues from source raw material to finished product available
in market.


Objective: To identify various methods and
techniques for cultivation of medicinal plants.

find out techniques for standardization of raw material to finished product
available in market.


Material &
Methods: Information
collected from reference books, journals, practical experience and knowledge
from Agricultural expert, botanist, farmer etc. Systematic arrangement based on
applicability with view of marketing of medicinal plants.


Observation &
Result:  The latest soil test report on
physico-chemical parameters and nutrient profile should be obtained to decide
the nature and quantity of soil amendments required. The site must be in
proximity to a reliable source of irrigation water. Projected quality of crop
in terms of physico-chemical analysis. For standardization of raw material. Crop
management for cultivation like field preparation, sowing, transplanting,
manures, fertilizers, irrigation, weeding, intercultural operations, crop protection,
Harvesting, processing packaging, storage and transportation these methods are
used.with the help of these techniques for obtaining more potent and
authenticate Ayurvedic formulations as well as medicinal drugs.


Conclusion: A well-drained fertile soil with
optimum level of water holding capacity and productivity status should be used
for medicinal plants cultivation. By using these techniques we can overcome
challenges to improving good agricultural practices and yield the crop of
medicinal plants in large quantity to enhance the potency of raw drugs.


medicines, Standardization,


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