INTRODUCTION the most interesting in consumer psychology

INTRODUCTIONThe idea that we can be influenced by some advertisements that we do not deliberately detect is one of the most interesting in consumer psychology and has attracted in a lot of attention throughout the years.

Since the 1950’s, people have expected that words or pictures quickly flashed on a screen or concealed in an advertisement have the ability to make us purchase certain items or even vote for some certain political candidates. Do these feelings of trepidation establish, or is this just some other myth than reality? The appropriate response, believe it or not would be a simple yes and no. Subliminal advertising is that making use of words or picture that we do not consciously or deliberately detect. Those stimuli can be undetectable because they are hidden and covered up within some other picture or because it is presented on our flat screens so briefly we are unaware that we are seeing them. “Subliminal” advertising is a made-up concept that is better described by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange than any kind of advertising you see today. To think that advertisers are so devious that they can manipulate switches in your brain with mere words or phrases is paranoia. Strangely enough, talk of “subliminal advertising” is in itself an example of exactly what you seem to be trying to understand.

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Though, its important to mention that there is some reality to what you’re talking about, and it is quite devious. Rather than happening to an individual’s neurons, consider it to be a matter of statistics more than anything, swaying large portions of a population very slowly over time.Subliminal messages in an advertising are design to engage people subconsciously. These ads are using various colors, shapes, and words that enable customers to make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning. In short to subtle, advertisements have a long history of being subtle. Regardless of whether they are hiding a double meaning in a logo or working some photoshopmagic, subliminal advertisement certainly meet the cunning criteria. The more cleaver an advertisement, the better we feel about getting it and the better we feel about that particular item.

Back in the 1950s, a savvy advertising executive was looking to attract new clients. What did he do? He flashed the words “eat popcorn” and “drink Coca-Cola” on the screen of a New Jersey movie theater. What was the result? The moviegoers reportedly rushed off to buy popcorn & drink Coca-Cola.DISCUSSIONSubliminal messages are fundamentally visual or written and also a spoken statement is presented to you with a goal that your mind will unconsciously registers them and the manner in which you believe is modified one you see these visuals or hear these statements. Despite the fact that logical research later demonstrated that this does not affects individuals purchases and James Vicary even admitted to not apply them in his theatre. A scientific research has been demonstrated and has proved that subliminal messages tends to make customer more joyful about the product that they have purchased.

Moreover, it increases customer’s feelings for a product regardless of whether consumers purchase the product is another different story. What the point here is, these messages can be used in advertisement in order to increase the consumers desire to have or purchase a product.In recent decades, according to Kunst-Wilson ; Zajonc (1980) said that emerging research has shown and proved that subliminal messages are able to influence our thoughts and behaviour.

This is very useful for those organizations who introduced new products in the market and in order for them to increase their sales, an organization just have to make a simple subliminal advertisement. Besides that, Murphy and Zajonc (1993) found that individuals built up a more positive opinions of images after they were flashed with smiling images on the advertisement. Truth be told, this impact is stronger when it is presented subliminally.Initially, there are four types of subliminal advertising such as text, video, images and logo. It is possible to create a subliminal message because everything is visible however, you just need to work with a marketing professional to achieve this objective. Subliminal video can be worked on in an ads in video, plus the use of colour and sounds and suggestive conditions. Subliminal images generate a very good impact when used in banners.

Images can bring easily bring information and our brain stores these data. Logos may contain subliminal messages and it is obvious that a logo reflects the value and beliefs of a brand. The logo is the philosophical indication of an organization and its intention.

Thus, organization utilize this kind of techniques to send subliminal messages.


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