Introduction responsibility is evaluated to give quotations

IntroductionThe framework of ethics, sustainability, social responsibility is evaluated to give quotations in terms of performance and nowadays more and more important in the growth of any type of organizations. Ethical behaving, and ethical decisions are the fundamentals for a healthy and wellbeing workplace. As we define Ethics with sustainability, or the triple bottom line language of (Equity, environment, economy) or (People, planet, profit) also defined as corporate social responsibility shows different relevant aspects of a company culture and its purpose.In the last two decades, the management model in organizations has dramatically changed in many sectors, like technology, computing, and innovation. In some cases, progress is facing ethical dilemmas and Apple is the example of one the global, ethically active and socially responsible organizations.In that sector, Apple, Inc.

is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets innovative consumer electronics like mobile phones, smart tablets, laptops and computers. Apple has many commitments as supporting eco-friendly practices, economic, ethical, legal and voluntary responsibilities. Unfortunately, controversies show up whenever a company becomes big. Some of Apple’s practices weren’t always ethical and were submitted to criticisms.The summary of the two chosen issues presented in this report are: a/ Neglect social responsibilities.The poor working conditions of human rights supports in electronics factories working for apple in china has made the news and created a big scandal. A BBC investigation has highlighted apple’s breaking promises which has failed to protect Chinese factory workers. An undercover reporter has found many violation policies, from low pay rates, just about $1.

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50 per hour (CLW, 2013). To overtime work hours of more than sixty hours a week with workers not having the permission to even talk to their colleagues. Hundreds of underage workers, far from their home were forced to stay in over loaded dorms where up to seven people were sharing a room. These accumulations of unethical pressuring and abusive management had unfortunately lead to tragedies causing some workers to commit suicides at the Foxconn electronics complex in Shenzhen.b/ Neglect in environmental responsibilities.One of Apple’s code of conduct strive to create products towards environmental priorities. Assessing compliance with their suppliers by maintaining environmentally responsible business actions, and safe practices. As mentioned on the Apple’s website Their statement is “Safer for the people, and for the planet”.

But that is just another controversy. Pollution and poison are the issues. Illegal mines sourcing of minerals and raw materials in the supply chain, is another broken promise from Apple. Critics says foreign supplier firms are largely responsible for environmental hazard because of the cut costs and corners. Using strong chemicals to clean the touch screens as cheaper alternative has harmed 62 workers in one of the factory in china and hospitalized some of the victims (The guardian, 2011). And the violations are not stopping as Apple continues to breach the safety standardsBecause of the tremendous International demand, Chinese laws have been continuously broken, and Apple have breached their own social responsibility code of conduct. Now Apple must raise its ethical standards due to a lot of pressures by outside parties.

Social and environmental performance including, but not just limited to, Social Accounting and Triple Bottom Line sustainability reporting. It is Apple’s responsibility to manage and offer opportunities and great work experience, and strict code of conducts, therefore the standards will be followed and lifted in staff quarters and workers will gain more pride, but also factories environment with making change internally and externally supporting for instance training programs to improve a better working morality. It is very difficult to do the right thing even for people who are naturally driven by good values. We always try to do things best for ourselves as we naturally put ourselves first in the outcome of an ethical decision making before we are doing it for the rest. It is always challenging and not easy to be a good person even if you wanted to be. Moral codes are key values that you can hold yourself to.It is our responsibility as people who wish to live with ethical values, to keep ethics in our frame of reference by reminding ourselves to constantly meet ethical frameworks as the common good approach or the virtual approach to gain more knowledge and skills regarding the personal and professional responsibilities and the technical aspects of lives and jobs we are dealing with every day.

Enterprise as a whole entity, must be engaged in a solid and sustainable strategy by taking care of all employees, associates, stakeholders, suppliers so by action they will take care of the customers and creates values for shareholders so the interest for each one of them are going in the same direction. If you don’t make mistakes with the community, or with suppliers you will keep your objectives for noble cause of the company. If you think about ethical companies, they must start with their purpose by asking themselves why they exist, what they are trying to achieve and what they are standing for basically what king of company they want to be by creating what their value creation model is.

More importantly, if we are surrounded with people we respect and, we know they have good values, and adviser our situations without conflicting with our decision in the process.ConclusionEthical codes of conduct are the basis of a company to exist and survive. Without it, there will be no drive, no motivation, no thrive. We cannot really judge the actions of a firm as its only one person on the top of the pyramid being in control.

I think it is very important to recognize where there is an ethical issue and an ethical dimension to any decision me make. You need to make the right decision because it has implications. When we make unethical decisions that we are aware of, we can feel guilty, and so therefore, we will share our experience with people we trust and whom we think they will understand us and advise us.We must practice listening to our “guts” or moral intuition.

Our gut feelings are a good indication for us to feel when there is a moral conflict between ethics and personal values and when something is wrong, we must make sure to keep working on it until it is.


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