Introduction meaning in digital world what is

IntroductionComputerforensics is very young discipline of study. I would like to start my computerforensics report from meaning in digital world what is this computer forensicscience and how I understand it after read information.

Computer forensicsstarts from time when personal computers became more available for ordinarypeople as many sources saying it’s around 1980’s that’s the year when PC becamemore accessible to consumers. And that’s the edge when was “developed” newtypes of  “computer crimes” first one wasmentioned from different sources was “cracking”. Software Cracking – is the modification of software to remove ordisable features which are considered undesirable by the person cracking thesoftware, especially copy protection features, example: when u crackingantiviruses and you can use this software on many numbers of computer with asame ID.  Computer forensics – is a branch of digital forensic sciencepertaining to evidence found in computers and digital storage media. Main aimof this study/science is to preserving, recovering, analyzing and presentingfacts and opinions about the digital information. Why it’s important, becauseit’s touching every field of our modern world, almost everything nowadays isdigitalized and computerized. Problem of digitalization or any other aspect ofhumanity if human can use it for some good aspects anyway he will find also howto use it against other humans for there own benefits examples: steelinginformation, steeling money, intrusion, shadowing and a lot of many otheraspects. Here is example of just one aspect viruses witch one is damaging everyday a lot of PC and other devices not only PC are subject of viruses So on this graphwe can see tendency of how  malwareattacks increasing every year, so that’s a reason why we need regulations, forme computer forensics first of all seems like regulation and rules forcontrolling humans and there habits because without that people bad influenceof our modern world will increase much more faster.

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But not only malware is afield of study and regulations it also discipline involves data recovery.   MethodsHardware and softwareFirst of allinside methods part I would like to start from Computer Forensic Laboratorywitch one is attaching also Hardware and Software privacy. Computer ForensicLaboratory should be stable and available in any time, have a good internetconnection(Gigabit Network) that’s needed for analyzing a huge amount ofinformation, holding it and processing with it. Symmetrical power that’s meansstability because you can face with issues like jumps of intention here is thepicture how it looks like:DVD printers andmany other tools. Laboratory should be powerful not only in hardware andsoftware aspect, but also it should be room with locked door. Only few workersof laboratory should have access to this room in order to limit and to controlaccess to this place. Here is more detailed example of what kind of hardwareand software it should have: –         ForensicExaminers need to have a workstation with RAM –         DDR3ECC 12GB, two 20″ monitors, USB mouse, two 256GB –         SSD,two 3TB HD, webcam, headset, ?ash memory readers, –         Windows8 Pro, Microsoft Office, Firewall, antivirus, external –         HDconnection, blu-ray recorder, and four 3TB SATA II HD.

With this workstation, forensic examiners canmake their examination and issue the forensic report.Computer Forensic Laboratory: Aims, Functionalities, Hardware and Software(PDF Download Available). Available from: accessed Dec 19 2017.

 Internet applications and data securityThis part mostlyI was researching how to create/design secure web application for better datasecurity, because in my opinion when you understand basics on how create it youwill understand better how it works, so first of all web application it’s a complexset of security issues for architects, designers and developers. Best securedapplication witch one was created with a idea that they should be securedthat’s basic and simple idea should be in your mind from beginning. Designersand developers will faced with a lot of problems/challenges. You should check alot of aspects as example architecture of your system, witch protocols involvedin your program.

Someof the top issues that must be addressed with secure design practices are shownon a next picture :Also you shouldinclude Security Policies and Procedures that’s means what your allowing touser or some one who have access to any system/program should follow what arepermitted to do. They are defining what are they not allowed to do. As anexample identify and use within the framework defined by corporate securitypolicy while you create your application to be sure you don’t breach policythat might prevent the application being deployed. But here is still existingproblem that’s doesn’t matter how is good your system people can break anythingthat’s the basic rule. That’s why you creating program/application you shouldgive it as many people as you can because they will break it some how. That’sone of the most important aspects of designing/creating any system. How to find thevictim or culprit who does crime in computersBefore start to explaininghow to find who did a cybercrime, need to understand witch basic types of it isexisting:-         Phishing – The aim is to trick people into handing over their card details oraccess to protected systems. Emails are sent out that contain either links orattachments that either take you a website that looks like your bank’s, orinstalls malware on your system.

 –         Identity theft – According to fraud protection agency Cifas, thenumber of victims rose by 31per cent to 32,058 in the first three moths of2015. Criminals use online ‘fraud forums’ to buy and sell credit cards, emailaddresses and passports. –         Hacking – In a Verizon study of security breaches there were 285million data exposures, which works out to about 9 records exposed everysecond.

26% of these attacks were executed internally within organizations.  –         Online harassment – Over half of adolescents and teens have been bulliedonline, while 73% of adult users have seen someone harassed in some way onlineand 40% have experienced it. So mainquestion, how do cybercriminals get caught? Actually it’s a huge process, ittakes a lot of hours in research and cyber forensic analysis, inside witch oneis included identifying, analyzing, preserving, and presenting data as a formof evidence. For different type of crimes is used different methods how tocatch or find cybercrime, who did it where, when and why.

For this analysis youneed skills/ability to decrypt encrypted files, recover deleted information orlogs, cracking passwords. For those special tasks also needed a lot oftraining, need groups of talented people witch one will be possible to train,so it’s a huge amount of money for government to invest for this tasks, but inour digitalized world without this kind of specialist is not possible tosurvive for government. So basically it’s requires a lot of resources a lot oftime to find some one who did cybercrime. And in our days still a lot of peoplewitch one don’t understand that if with them happened something in network theyneed to report to police about this, that’s one of the biggest problems, that’sa lot of cybercrimes are not reported. Forensics is requirement in intrusion Detection systemIntrusiondetection system or shortly IDS is a tool witch one can be software applicationor device witch one is checking some systems or internet for dangerous maliciousactivities. Need fore use Intrusion Detection System is growing every year,because every year everything becomes more technological, as example: smarthouses, smart cars, virtual reality etc. Every year amount of technical devicesin every houses are increasing. And that’s the reason why we need IDS every year,every month more and more.

These systems can help a lot, it is very importantto safeguard the huge distributed computing environment that specific organizationcontrols and manages. It’s existing different types of IDS for different needshere is the types of them:1.     Signature based detection – monitors packets in the network and match withpatterns witch one was configured and determined before.2.     Statistical anomaly based detection – thisIDS which one is based on monitoring anomaly  network traffic and compare it against anestablished baseline. The baseline will check what is “acceptable” for thatnetwork – what sort of bandwidth is generally used and what protocols are used.

3.     Stateful protocol analysis detection –


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