Introduction the theory of McDonaldization and what


The Aravind Eye Hospital is a chain of
hospitals located in Madurai, India and it is one of the largest eye care
Hospitals in the world. The Aravind Eye Hospital was founded by Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy in 1976.  To achieving an efficient and effective health
care service is a thoughtful matter that requires great focus and knowledge. In
developing countries such as India, health and care is an big issue because the
government is not able to undertake the different challenges faced by the their
health and care system due to the fast growing population. The health and care service
in India has major problems such as neglect of rural population. The health
facilities in rural and remote parts of India are under serve whereas in the
more developed urban areas and cities the health facilities are well developed.
 Another problem is that the health care
service is very expensive and many people in rural and remote areas won’t be
able to afford it. There was one man named Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy who was able to overcome
these problems by providing a high quality service for an affordable price for
everyone. He started the Aravind eye hospital in 1976(standing on the idea of McDonaldiztion).

paper will explore the rise of Arvind eye care hospital and how they
boost its efficiency from two to seven times relating to the beliefs of McDonaldization.
I will talk about the problems of sight loss in India and how it leads to the
evolution of Aravind eye care clinics in India. I will also argue about the
accomplishments and the journey the Arvind hospital took in order to become one
of the most leading eye care hospitals in the world. Then I will talk about the
theory of McDonaldization and what kind of influence it had on the Aravind eye
care hospital and its management. Last I will talk about how this has allowed Dr.
Venkataswamy to boost its efficiency from two to seven times and lastly I will
conclude with the impact, contribution and the advantages of Arvind eye care
hospital as a successful organisation.


There were 30 million blind people in
the world in 1992 according to Rangan and the blindness rate for developing
countries in Asia, Africa and Latina America was 1.5%.The major cause for
blindness in the developing countries were cataract and almost 75% of all cases
in Asia was caused by cataract(Rangan,2009). In 1991 India had the second
largest population in the world after China which consisted 850 million people
out of those people there were almost 20 million blind eyes in India with
another two million being added every year. However according to Rangan there
were officially only 12 million people class as blind because  the rest of them had better than 20/200 or
6/60 vision in one eye.  The main cause
in 75% to 80% of the cases was cataract which can be treated.

Dr. Venkataswamy was born in 1918 in
South India and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Madras University
in 1944. He was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi during the countries struggle
against the British rule. He believed in helping others and serving humanity so
he joined the Indian Army Medical Corps as a doctor to serve the country in
1945 but he was discharged in 1948 due to severe rheumatoid arthritis. When he
developed severe rheumatoid arthritis almost all of the joints were swollen and
painful (Rangan, 2009). He was in a Madras hospital for over a year and for
several years he had difficulties walking and just doing simple things such as
holding a pen. He slowly trained to hold a surgeon’s scalpel and cut the eye
for cataract operations. After few years he learned to stand for a whole day
and perform over 50 operations a day.

By the time when Dr. Venkataswamy
retired in 1976 he had risen to lead the Department of Ophthalmology at the
Government Madurai Medical Collage and also to lead Eye Surgery at the
Government Erskine Hospital in Madurai. However after his retirement he wanted
to fulfil a dream of his and with help of his family members in 1976 he started
the Arvind eye care hospital which is a privet, non-profit eye hospital that
would provide quality eye care. The Arvind hospital is one of the biggest and
most successful eye care hospitals in the world today.





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