Introduction are a causal link. Maher and

IntroductionIn Australia, as in other Western countries, illicit drug users regularly provide crimes to finance their behaviour. Over the last four decades, heroin addiction has been a key factor in helping to get rid of the strong hypertext between the rise in heroin tariffs and property offenses (Chilvers and Weatherburn, 2003).Studies have shown that drug treatment, including a methadone clinic, effectively reduced levels of theft, but the loss of literature due to lower heroin taxes. If the Australian government is to legalize heroin, pure heroin can be very low in order to abandon the black market.

Therefore, heroin can reduce the price level by about 50% (Van der Haar, 1996). However, there are lacks of information about or prices will be reduced, and then reduces the value of a criminal business. Relationship between drugs and crime There is a wealth of evidence that clearly indicates that drug addiction and crime are a causal link. Maher and others according to the example of 202 heroin users, 70 per cent said they received part of their income from the most intrusive property offenses, including burglary, theft shop and armed street robbery (Mather et al., 2001).

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Although private property offenses were the second on the average for the average weekly wage in the drug market, the average income was $ 782 per week and the annual average income was $ 40,664. The NSW Bureau of Crime Stats and Research (BOCSAR) continues to test this connection between drug and property crime, considering that the number of heroin users in Australia has risen from around 670 in 1967  to around 67,000 in 1997 (Chilvers and Weatherburn,2003) Therefore, BOCSAR concluded that an increased heroin addiction (resulting from an overdose of heroin) has a significant impact on the development of enlargement. Other studies complementing this link between drugs and crime are Mukherjee, Jorgensen (1986). McBride, McCoy (1995) and “The Official Salvation Army’s response to the proposed heroin studies” (1997).  Therefore, since the high proportion of drug use and crime is “one of the most reliable outcomes, which can be obtained in criminology” (Stevens, 2003).  All literature in the world recognizes that drugs and crimes are a causal link. 


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