Introduction experience. Every passenger rates the driver at

IntroductionUberHA1  Technologies Inc. is an American technology company basedin Silicon Valley and headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Its main product is a ride-hailing applicationby the name of ‘Uber’, which is one of the world’s most popular taxi apps. Thecompany has so far covered 674 cities in 83 countries in all 6 inhabitedcontinents, completing more than 40 million rides a month worldwide. Apart fromits flagship service ‘Uber’, the company has also ventured into a variety ofdifferent areas, including food delivery and self-driving, autonomous cars.

Owing to its ginormous size and a host of other challenges, the company facesvarious problems on a daily basis, which test its rapid expansion andphenomenal growth rate. Through the course of this report, we will study thefollowing topics:1. Evaluate of Uber,2. Uber faced various different issues. 3. Uber’s influence in New Zealand4. Ethics and professionalism within the ICT EssayQuestions and DiscussionPositive 1.

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AccessibilityOrdering a cab on theUber app is as straightforward as two touches on the screen. Uber utilises thedevice’s GPS, or the Global Positioning System, to find the user’s locationonce the destination is entered and in a matter of minutes, you are in yourtaxi, comfortably cruising towards your destination. This makes ordering ataxi, and potentially anything, a child’s play. The sheer ease of access is oneof the company’s biggest selling points, and what endears it to its more than17 milliion users all over the world.   2. ReliabilityA hugepart of Uber’s appeal is that drivers are motivated to deliver a pleasant and safeexperience for the passengers. The company has a minimum required customerrating of 4.

6 out of 5.0 for all its drivers, which helps keep the drivers incheck and give the customers the best possible experience. Every passengerrates the driver at the end of each trip. Hence,this rating system is a strong incentive for the drivers to work hard for everypassenger’s satisfaction.3. OptimalHA2  pricingUber imposes ‘surgepricing’ for high traffic situations, like a major event or a holiday, whichcan take the fair as high as 2x or even 7x the normal fair. But in normalconditions, Uber is generally substantially cheaper than the generic publictransport.

Even though actualrates vary from city to city and time to time, there is significant public datathat shows that ride-sharing can cut down fairs by as much as half. Uber doesn’t encouragetipping, and all payments made are made on the app itself, hence removing anychance that the driver may have to fleece the passenger. 4. Quick, Cashless payment systemAs stated previously,all payments are made on the Uber app online, through Net Banking, Credit Card,Debit Card, etc. which makes over-charging impossible.

Furthermore, the paymentis fast, without any hassles of physical money like change and the like.  5. Efficient FeedbackThe driver not onlyneeds to meet the company’s standards, but also to meet the requirements ofpassengers.

After the end of the trip an evaluation of travel experience ismade by not only the passenger, but the driver as well, who rates the passengeraccording to the ride. Rating the passengers helpsto protect future drivers from having to deal with rude, violent, aggressive,and drunk passengers.Hence, the company takesample measures to not only make the ride a favourable experience for therider, but the driver too.

 6. Uber Offers Different Service TiersUberoffers a range of service tiers, spanning from single riders and groups upto executive limo services. Uber offers five tiers of service: UberX is the cheapest and most common form of Uber.

Regular consumer cars, up to 4 riders. Vehicles must be 2000 model year or newer. Fares are typically half that of a taxicab in the same city. UberPOOL, offered in some cities, allows you to share your ride with another person and split the cost. UberXL is a service that can accommodate 6 passengers with an SUV or minivan; more expensive than UberX. UberSelect offers luxury sedans with leather interior, including brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, which are the common vehicle brands.

Expect to pay a premium price, and accommodate up to 4 riders. UberBLACK is the luxury limousine service with vehicles dedicated to executive-level services. 6. Drawing in new customersUber deeply attractedpeople to choose from different gradations because there are a variety ofmarketing programs, If Uber want to increase revenue in the maintenance of olduser, at the same time ,they need to add more new users .

 7. And going globalUber Rapid outbreak in many countries, he helpedthese countries to solve and alleviate the three major issues:1bad mass transit systems?Excessive emissions of vehicle exhaust?The population is large, but public transport is limited.   Negative LegalUber have been walking in the edge of the policy in many countries. Uber is legal or not, many governments still do not give a clear statement. The government propagated Uber’s illegality, but from the actual situation, the government is equivocality for Uber.

To know that the government really want to ban the car, there are ten thousand kinds of methods. But from the actual situation, the government for Uber is muddle along. In fact, the development of the Uber is not the most important for the policy of risk, the greater threat is the local business.

EmployeesIt is undeniable that the Uber has become a “on demand economy” model, it provides services by consumers. But for many people, the Uber Cup is also a “model” of a series of unlawful acts. In the eyes of labor rights defenders, Uber is notorious in dealing with labor relations, one of which is that Uber has always denied 400,000 US drivers as employees, and they are called independent contractors.

In this way, the “cooperative” relationship between Uber and the driver is not subject to the current US labor law on the minimum wage, the maximum working hours and other restrictions. DangerousAmid all the issuesregarding unfair competition, the reality is that many taxi drivers providegood service in a dangerous occupation. the report suggest driving a taxi is possibly15 times as dangerous as the average job (in 2013-14 in Victoria for example,there were 51 assaults in taxis). TaxisTaxi operations are a monopoly industry. If there is no license, cannot operate a taxi in various countries. However, through Uber, anyone can use their private car to provide a taxi service. For many drivers, holding a license for the taxi company has been of little significance. As a result, the thriving economy of many cities, the prices of taxi licenses have fallen sharply.

While the taxi industry-related stock prices are also falling. Despite the booming urban economy, these taxi license prices have fallen sharply. While the taxi industry’s share price is also declining. When the individual interests are affected, society is prone to unrest and instability.  Sustainability issuesEnvironment: with the cars grows,the environmental issues of greenhouse gas emissions become more and moreserious, and Uber need to strategically solve these problems. At this time Uberlaunched a carpooly event where customers can choose to share cars with otherpassengers along the similar route.

Uber believes that this new feature isbeneficial to all stakeholders, because some people share the fare, the driverthrough driving longer route to make more money, reduce vehicle exhaustpollution to the environment, reduce traffic congestion. Finally, Uber hastaken advantage of Earth Day to take about environmentalism. Through a one-dayevent, Uber vowed to donate a dollar from Uber to the Earth’s Day to donate adollar to plant trees. Uber uses this promotion to motivate passengers tocarpool and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In regard to the carpoolingprogram, Uber seems to be effective in solving an effective solution to reducegreenhouse gas emissions. Uber promotes the reduction of the number of vehicleson the road by carpooling. It is reasonable to take into account that the Uberdriver without a passenger usually stops driving until the customer demandsagain. In contrast, even without passengers, taxi drivers often run on theroad. Time and money: first,Uber has a very high time sensitivity – when a market is more sensitive to thetime, the corresponding business opportunities are more profitable. They areusually to pay a higher price when they cannot find a taxi .

Uber’ raise preciousprice than ordinary taxis, but users still to pay. Which shows that car rentalreal market demand. Second, Uber has pricing power for the car rental serviceit offers. At some peak time (such as after the end of a large event, becauseof the need to rent a lot of people, the demand for car rental over the supply,Uber homeopathic out of the price is higher, which further improve theprofitability of Uber. It is reported that the cooperation with Uber when the dailyincome of more than 500 US dollars,  Equityissues The continuousoccurrence of taxi drivers strike in major cities, but also pose a threat tothe development of Uber. The rapid development of the taxi software, howeverthe traditional way to call the car occupy the mainstream position. The taxidriver cannot be ignored.

When they are collective strike, the whole city’straffic systems will fall into a mess. Although theoretically, different modesof travel are substitutes of each other, there is a huge different in thetravel distance and flexibility. Therefore, from the main positioning of theUber market, it is currently facing the alternative not much, alternativethreat is not too possible. The report estimates Uber can cut more than $500mfrom Australian taxi bills – close to 10% of the $5.5bn spent each year byAustralians catching a taxi.SocialissuesUber has also faced manylegal face-offs with regulators and incumbent taxi companies worldwide, whichimpeded its ability to assimilate onto the world stage with ease.

 Taxidrivers all over the world has protested against unfair competition from Uberas the taxi industry has to operate under the city’s rules and prices, but Uberdoes not have to obey those requirements and has an unfair competitiveadvantage over licensed cabs.For instance, officials inDelhi and India banned all app-based ride services to protect cab driverunions. InBelgium, the Netherlands, the Philipines, and South Korea, police forcesconducted sting operations against Uber drivers who operated vehicles that werenot licensed for commercial use. Theissue of safety has also surfaced with the many accidents caused by theinexperienced and unlicensed Uber drivers, which had resulted in multiplelawsuits against Uber.

 Theseissues certainly came at a reputational cost to Uber. At the same time, more thanhalf of the women don’t feel safe a taxi alone at night in many countries. Uberhowever suggestion customers some power.CulturalissuesCompared to the taxidriver need to have a professional driver’s license, practice registrationcertificate, no criminal record, but also an annual inspection, and Uber onlyneed to have a car, driver’s license and no record of the accident, the basicqualifications are wider, lower Uber left the security concerns. Recently, theUnited States part of the local prosecutors believe that Uber suspected ofmisleading consumers, so that passengers think Uber screening driving is tofilter out the criminal record. In addition, negligence and professionaldrivers’ casual driver “of also other professional drivers not only bearcivil liability, may also face criminal responsibility, which is relativelyhigher than traffic safety requirements attract join Uber driver. In addition to securityissues, Uber also has a very serious management problem, at least in the taxburden, rates and platform responsibilities, with the local transport servicesindustry unfair competition. Uber’s fee is flexible and sometimes low, but itcan also be added at a high demand, or even doubly charged, at a rate that isfree of charge.

, By the passengers decided to pay or not. As for platformresponsibility, Uber expressly disclaims any liability for any conduct of thetransport service provider in the terms of service; however, the domestictransport service company shall be jointly and severally liable for the drivingof the occupation. As Uber’s operating flexibility, low cost, but it isbeneficial to attract more drivers, the formation of greater challenges ingovernment management.

 Therefore, thegovernment in accordance with the law to manage Uber, security and law isnecessary to adhere to the implementation of the basic position. The Government,in addition to continuous fines, should use Uber to operate in a more effectiveand positive manner. On the other hand, Uber uses the digital technology tocreate a new car service experience, indeed create more convenience andopportunities, but also get consumer recognition; this, taxi operators inaddition to protest or boycott, I am afraid should also learn to improve theservice Tools, try to provide consumers with better quality shuttle service, itwill not be defeated by the new technology. Express deliveryExpress is an important thing all over the world.Few countries to achieve fast delivery, the next day delivery, this is a veryfavorable market for Uber. Traditional courier has a fixed distributionnetwork, even if the city courier, parcels have to reach the distributioncenter for a polymerization, and then distributed to the recipient site to theregional site for distribution.

And Uber do courier, apparently save the middleof the link, the driver can be delivered directly after the delivery, whichgreatly saves time. For example, I forget to take away the door to get offwork, please colleagues called Uber sent over, maybe I only need to go to thenext cup of coffee I can get my key. This cannot be imagined and realized inthe past. Uber will replace the courier and may still be early. Because itprovides the courier service more biased in the high-end, novel andinteresting, short term cannot cover all user groups Uber’s influence in New Zealand?In Germany, this applicationhas been brought to court; in the UK, this application has triggered a taxidriver strike; what will happen in New Zealand. Uber was founded, theslogan to promote its business model is: all the private drivers. In NewZealand, Uber’s drivers or become partners are operating independently.Passengers use the mapof the Uber application, select a guest point, the map will also show thelocation of the driver, if a driver to accept a taxi request, the two sides cansee each other’s information and photos, as well as historical evaluation, cartype and phone Number, use Uber service must be at least 18 years old.

The driver’s car mustbe four models after 2003, must be registered for commercial use, and must be aP driver’s license. Payment is cashless, by the user first credit cardinformation through third-party software to pay. If the passenger agrees to theprice range set by Uber, the fee will be deducted from the account when thepassenger gets off and the invoice will be sent to the e-mail provided by thepassenger.

 New Zealand governmentmanagement rules for the Uber taxi software is surfaced, the Governmentproposed to Uber into the licensed passenger operators to manage, while Ubermust also comply with the relevant provisions to strengthen self-management,the future may be to check the applicant’s log books To ensure the safety ofthe vehicle before allowing it to become a Uber driver. But the new regulationsdid not force Uber vehicles like a taxi to install the car camera.      Recently,the Government issued a draft regulation on the management of small passengerservices, to be replaced by the existing management rules. The current set ofmanagement practices from the beginning of the implementation of the 1980s, hasbeen unable to keep up with the technical changes and the pace of the times.

Especially in recent years, Uber taxi software in New Zealand’s major citiesAuckland and Wellington gradually popular, is expected in the future this appwill be more common application. But Uber in the attack on the city at the sametime, also led to the local taxi group strong resistance. In New Zealand, thecost of applying a car rental through Uber is lower than that of a taxi, whichis the main reason for the dissatisfaction of local taxi companies.      Uberis the key to the complaint or whether Uber is a legitimate private car rentalcompany or taxi company. Uber users can contact the driver through theapplication and estimate the cost of the journey, the passengers can also be inthe final Uber driver to score.

Unlike most taxi companies, Uber users paydebit or credit cards without paying a fee. Uber is estimated before the costof the car, so it is operated as a private car rental.      Butin fact, Uber has always stressed that he does not provide a taxi service, buta technical platform to help passengers connect with the driver.

      Recently,the government announced a consultation paper, will break the current taxi andindividual car rental implementation of the two-track management, all smalloperating vehicles into a unified management approach. As early as thebeginning of this year, Vice Minister of Transport Craig Foss had said thegovernment would consider regulatory requirements.      Officialssay Uber’s vehicles will be reduced after the new regulatory requirements areintroduced, and operators like Uber will test the driver’s”appropriateness” and take responsibility. At the same time, thevehicles used for operation must also meet the requirements.      Inthe existing regulatory requirements only the taxi was forced to install thecar camera regulations to be retained, which means that Uber vehicles may notneed to install this is known as the car “black box” monitoringequipment.

In this business modelof the taxi software, Uber not only challenged the traditional business modelof the taxi – in the use of the way, the user with the phone called by the Uberaccording to the distance between the vehicle and the user scheduling, thedriver with Uber software, Passengers, passengers in the Uber software tocomplete the payment and the driver scoring; experience, Uber requires thedriver to keep the car health and cannot refuse to support. At the same time,Uber also created employment opportunities and sources of income for hisdrivers. According to Uber’s official statement, if a driver uses the Uberplatform, his median income will be higher than the average driver.From the consumer pointof view, New Zealand consumers do not want the taxi costs too high, hoping tohave another way to taxi, and Uber to the driver and the consumer”scoring” experience, if not 5-star rating, Uber will Give the driverpressure. However, the new platform is bound to weaken the traditional industryassociations. New Zealand taxi association (NZ Taxi Federation) said that thisapplication is “sugar-coated shells”, many people think that theapplication of “legitimacy” and “security” there is doubt.According to NewZealand’s law of consumption, if the consumer is booking a private service, theprovider must provide the exact price, but Uber sets a price range, “isillegal for New Zealand law.

“But from the consumer’spoint of view, both price and ease of use, Uber is superior to the traditionaltaxi business model, from a personal point of view, whether it is price or mapsystem and convenience, “each one is ahead of Step, I have no reason toreturn to the previous taxi era.” This is the natural choice of technologyupdates.” Ethics and professionalism within the ICTUber is an application for private car service. When theuser needs to use a car, just open the application on the phone, Uber will beable to determine the location of the user through the GPS, and then assign thenearest driver from the user to access. Uber’s success has its uniqueness. First of all, Ube is afragile market.

In many cities, taxis are an industry that is less friendly toconsumers and is full of trade protectionism. Taxi drivers can artificiallyraise prices, and they can basically do not care about the quality of customerservice. In this context, Ube called car service to become a routine life ofthe probability of a lot of people. Many people have a taxi every day, theyused once Uber will immediately become repeat customers. Second, the car is thesecond most expensive thing to buy, and the most common thing we do when we buya car is parking.

Parking is a very inefficient thing, and the existence ofUber so that we do not need to drive out, get rid of the cost of parking anddistress. In this way, Uber is cheap, but it still has enough space to make aprofit. Uber is a company thatbelieves in the power of economic leverage, because the excellent driver isonly a partner, not an employee, so Uber does not require a good driver mustbe, and will say how, because the driver’s attitude and good service can bewell received, and praise is to get the threshold of reward (Uber set 4.8 starpraise rate is the driver to get a specific reward) so they are still througheconomic means to manage. This is the power of the rules of the game, betterthan 10,000 rules At the same time, Uberdoes not pass the mandatory rules to ensure that the driver’s working hours,keep the driver on the road by economic.

Uber in 2014 launched a parallelbusiness, called UberPool, and is to let the same route passengers along theway a car, so you can reduce the cost of everyone. It’s like a traditional bus,but the passengers do not have to waiting too long time, and choosing placesmore flexible. After the participation of many people, there is an interesting phenomenon,which is the driver in a loop. It is possible to continue to carry newpassengers, and then put down the old passengers, the formation of a cycle ofPerpetual Ride. The driver does not need to find the next guest, so efficiencyand income was increased, and then more drivers intended to participate inUber, the formation of a virtuous circle.

Uber another way, through the brandcross-border marketing quickly occupied the market. Uber and BMW MINI, Tesla andother brands of cross-border cooperation is the best evidence in the Chinesemarket, which has become a common tool for Uber marketing. Through the brandcross-border marketing, Uber continue to bring new surprises to users, by”his mountain stone” more quickly expand their own visibility, canquickly capture the original brand of cooperation brand psychological defense,it can be said that such a strong the union produced a wonderful chemicaleffect. ConclusionCar service company Uber recently on the government,including Thailand, India, France and other countries are directly banned Uberoperation, even in the birthplace of the United States is also facing legalchallenges. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Transport has made hundreds oftickets, more than 10 million tickets, and is developing more stringentdisposal measures.

However, Uber seems to be more and more embarrassed, the newoperation of the city a total of two million times the number of new record, sothat this technological innovation and security and legal struggle intensified.


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