Introduction: needed for decision-making purposes. Decision support systems

Introduction:  The researched articlesessentially focus on significance of the Information systems in the business,their Criticality in the converting the data into the information to cater theneeds of the business as well as improve the overall efficiency and performanceof the business processes. They emphasize on the use of the Information systemsfor taking the competitive advantages in the market place. They also explainthe detailed evolution of the Information systems from the Transaction processingsystems to Expert and knowledge management systems. Organizations usually adopt tothe various levels of the decision makings based on the management hierarchies.

For example, board of directors involves in the Strategic or long-termplanning, Unit managers makes the Tactical plans for the sub-units of thecompany, whereas operating managers creates and implements the weeklyproduction schedules.  It means thatvarious levels of the management use wide varieties of the information in theprocess of the decision making and all this information generated , classifiedand stored and tightly integrated by the information systems.  While these articles talkingabout the evolution of the information systems, describes how they improvedfrom using them as a transaction processing systems (TPS)for record keeping, classifying,storing the data purposes. Later their significance is extended to generate apre-defined report to the management that would give managers the informationthey needed for decision-making purposes. Decision support systems developed in1970s gave the ability to the system users to interactively analyze thebusiness and Adhoc analysis capabilities. With the advancements in the microcomputersand in the field of the networking, Information system’s infrastructureunderwent the revolutionary changes.  Executive information systems integrate the information of the MIS andEIS and made an easy access to analysis of business performance, actions of allcompetitors, and economic developments to support strategic planning.     Articles talks about theapplication of the information system infrastructure such as Enterpriseresource planning (ERP) systems.

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From theintroduction of the accounting management software, it has been evolved throughthe various level of management while integrating with the already developed orlegacy software components. It has tremendous contribution in the materialplanning, customer relationship management, Supply chain, human resources andpayroll management, marketing and sales and much more. The information systemsthat have been put in place in the current world aim at improving both theinternal and the external environments.   They have provisions for users ofthe system who are in the organization and those that are from outside.

Thiseases all business activities that companies are obligated to perform.Competitive advantage is then achieved gradually as the companies grow.Information systems not justhelps to improve the production processes, it also helps to enhance the valueof the information. Major areas that facilitates the business analytics isBusiness intelligence, Data mining and Online analytical processing (OLAP).They help to analyze the huge historical information and identify the hiddencomplex relationships to uncover the new opportunities for the business.

Theadvancements in the artificial intelligence will create a shift from manualhuman interventions to an automated processing and helps as an advice expertsystem.  Conclusion. Information systems used as aneffective tool for conduction the business activities. Businesses have adoptedthe systems to gain a competitive advantage in their areas of specialization.Improvements made from using them as an internal system to a system that canaid the company to efficiently interact with its business environment and thegenerated integration of all functionalities of the organization. Continuousadvancement using the AI, e-commerce making these systems to increase its speedand reach of our information, to provide even tighter integration combined withgreater flexibility.



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