Introduction it contains pepsin, which was later

Introduction of pepsi Pepsi was originally created in the 1890s by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist in North Carolina, USA. The original name was “Brad’s Drink”, which was carbonated, sugar, vanilla, and oil. , pepsin and cola nut.

Caleb Brad believes that PepsiCo is good for health because it contains pepsin, which was later renamed “Pepsi” on August 28, 1898, and was released on June 16, 1903. Register as a trademark. After 17 years of success, Brad believes that the price of sugar will rise, and decided to use a lot of assets to buy sugar. But contrary to expectations, the price of sugar did not rise, but fell, so it evaporated a lot of wealth, and his Pepsi Cola declared bankruptcy in 1923. Pepsi-Cola is sold in re-use of wine cellars, which is a good price and cheaper than Coca-Cola.

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Therefore, it has been hailed as a “lower drink”, a black drink in the United States, and a French drink in Canada. In order to transform the image, Pepsi sold advertisements in the 1950s, and found many celebrities as product spokespersons, making their sales almost equal to Coca-Cola, but never surpassed. In the 1960s, Pepsi began to change its strategy, selling young people as a selling point, and doing everything possible to break into the market where Coca-Cola, the main competitor, had never entered or failed. Since the 1980s, the competition between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has intensified. Pepsi has launched a series of challenge-themed advertisements, which has reduced the sales of rivals. Coca-Cola is not outdone, launching the advertisement with the theme of “New Coca-Cola”. Pepsi began to move closer to the entertainment industry in marketing, and the huge capital invited the world’s hottest pop star to endorse. So far, this is still the main method of Pepsi in marketing, the European and American pop music Tianwang Tianhou Michael Jackson and Madonna I have been a spokesperson.

After the millennium, world-class sports stars such as David Beckham and Ronaldo have become the first choice for Pepsi spokespersons. Describe the micro and macro of the company. 1. Microenvironment SuppliersPepsi supply from pepsico.

The principal ingredients we use in our food and beverage businesses are apple, orange and pineapple juice and other juice concentrates, aspartame, corn, corn sweeteners, flavorings, flour, grapefruit and other fruits, oats, oranges, potatoes, raw milk, rice, seasonings, sucralose, sugar, vegetable and essential oils, and wheat. CompetitorsWhen running a pepsi company, you will meet other soft drinks competitors. For example, sprite, fanta, coca-cola, 7-up and mirinda. When customers see celebrity endorsements, they will buy this drink.For example,kendall jenner. PublicsThe bulletin board is waiting for the bus stop.

The big advertisement on the TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, fashion weekly is also a way of publicity. Because it can attract the attention of customers. Customers-consumer markets -This drink is very popular with everyone, like kids and adults alike.-Reseller market- This drink is not only sold in shopping malls, it is sold everywhere. Like 7 eleven, 99speed mart, my news and some grocery stores. 2.

Macroenviroment Demografic environment-International export pepsi to overseas is less than the quantity so in Malaysia.Cultural environment -society’s basic values, perceptions, and behaviors of pepsi.Technological environment -PepsiCo uses advanced machines to produce cola and enhance the quality of cola. Let customers feel that our using fresh materials to attract more customers.

Improve the new packaging and give customers a new look.Natural environment- Can improve the material of cola. Don’t have too much sugar, carry out new packaging, lower the price and share it with children. Evaluate the existing challenges to faced by the entrepreneur.The challenge is that this drink is an unsafe drink, the same for kids.

Because this drink has too much sugar and can damage the human body. In fact, there are many parents who will stop their children from drinking this drink. In fact, this drink can be said to be very common in the market but difficult to sell. Because no one will buy a drink that is not good for your body, only the bad. Plus this drink has too much chemicals and preservatives, especially for kids and pregnant women.Customers may have a lot of reasons why they don’t want to buy this beverage, because there are too many beverage choices on the market, so one of the reasons why our beverages are difficult to sell on the market.

Next, our drinks are not healthy drinks, so it is very difficult to sell. In recent years, many people really like to drink such drinks, so the competition is very big.Recommend appreciate innovation and ideas We can tell the customer about the benefits. After the improvement, we can not use chemical sugar, and it is not so harmful to the human body.

In some seasons, we can do a large-scale promotion to attract customers or we can send some free drinks to the customer to bring back to try. After that, we can use fresh materials to attract customers, tell customers with healthy ideas, and let customers buy and believe this drink.When we can let customers try drinks, we decide which one is really suitable for the customer. After the improvement, there will be more choices of different flavors, allowing customers to choose the flavor they like and then understand the ingredients of the beverage.

We can change from packaging to ingredients to new packaging and ingredients. Because of this we can get the customer’s belief and purchase our products. We can also do small fairs, we can use this fair to sell our products and tell customers the benefits. ConclusionI hope that the current Pepsi-Cola beverage can be replaced by a healthy representative instead of using chemical sugar to damage the body’s beverages. Because this is not a good seller’s behavior.

I hope that the improved beverage will use fresh ingredients instead of chemical ingredients and materials. I also hope that the package can be replaced with other packages that can attract customers, so that customers can buy a family that can be given to them, and it is a healthy drink. Because the original drink is the most common but also the least healthy in the market. Therefore, it will lead to the customer’s distrust of the beverage. So we can reshape the ingredients and packaging into new ones.

I hope that Pepsi can be better and better.


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