Introduction newcomers and support to their employees. It

IntroductionThe job position I want to work is asa Communication researcher.

I will do research in field of advancement oftelephony technology and Internet. This area cover wide range of technologiesincluding Satellite communication researcher, Wi-Fi, 5G Technology. Our futureis dependent upon wireless technology and this fascinate me to contribute tothe world to Technology. As a communication researcher my role is to improvethe existing technologies & bring new telecommunication products in fastgrowing world.

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 Companies& ResponsibilitiesThere are lot of companies that offerjobs in telecommunication field. As a Researcher I will be having manyresponsibilities and some of them are Analysing and solving problems as part of academic research identifying solutions and interpreting results by applying established research methods, by learning and adapting new methods conducting field work, interviews, laboratory experimentation, critical evaluation and interpretation carrying out computer-based data evaluation using software such as MATLAB conducting numerical simulations or library research working collaboratively with company/university colleagues, across teams and also with other partners worldwide and across industry analysing results and data and drawing conclusions from them writing up original research for publication or for presentation at conferences FollowingCompanies offer jobs as a communication researcher·       HuaweiTechnologies·       Nokia·       Ericsson·       CiscoSystems·       ZTECorporation Cultureof Companies1.Huawei Technologies Canada: From myresearch about Huawei I figured out it has more opportunities for workers todevelop their skills. It has good learning for new graduates. It is the placewhere you can learn from different kind of projects. There are lots of opportunitiesfor professional growth. 2.

Nokia Canada: Nokia technologies isgreat place to work and it have great environment to learn new things. Work environment is very good andtraining is provided to new comers. Nokia have Lotof opportunity to move to other countries because they have offices in othercountries.

 3.Ericsson Canada: As per my researchabout Ericsson it has advantage of flexible hours. Another advantage of Ericssonis that they have Large corporateopportunities. Ericsson provide goodtraining to newcomers and support to their employees. It have goodpace of learning environment.

 4.CiscoCanada: Cisco is one of the well known telecommunication company. From myresearch I came to know that Cisco consists there are smartpeople to collaborate with on challenging problems. Cisco hashigh efficient working environment. Cisco has best training and cutting edge technology. 5. ZTECorporation: Provide a lot of opportunities to upgrade and develop of personalworking skills in the office. Cisco has great work place and great teamwork.

 Rogers & Culture: Pros : 1.    50% Discount of all Rogers services2.    company vehicle3.    great work-life balance4.    learning environment for new worker5.    Most employee are very positive6.    Typical work day is positive Cons :1.    systemicallynot diverse2.

    work onholidays3.    Difficultto get promotion4.    lowsalaries


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