INTRODUCTION :- Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Microsoft Corporation is an American Multinational Technology Company and its headquarters was located in Redmond, Washington. It was abbreviated as MS and also pronounced this short name only. The Microsoft was founded by BILL GATES and PAUL ALLEN on April 4, 1975, to develop the BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. In early days the most of them used the Personal Computer for their different duties. In mid- 1980s, the MS-DOS was introduced and used as the operating system. The word “Microsoft” is a portmanteau of “microcomputer” and “software”. In 1986 they offers IPO(Initial Public Offering) and subsequent rise in the share price, they created three billionaires job offers but only 12,000 millionaires.

They develops, manufactures, licenses, software, consumer electronics, personal computers and related service for updating their versions. They have upgraded the more software like Microsoft Office Suite, and the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers. They are manufactured the flagship hardware like Xbox video for game consoles and the Microsoft Surface which comes with touchscreen personal computers.
The founding of Microsoft :-
Bill Gates and Paul Allen are childhood friends they was started a business utilizing their shared skills in computer programming language. Their first company was started in the year 1972 in the name Traf-O-Data, which sold a rudimentary computer to track and analyse automobile traffic data. Then Gates joined in Harvard, Allen pursued a degree in computer science at Washington State University, then later he dropped out from the school and started working at Honeywell. In 4th April 1975, the Microsoft was established officially by Gates and Allen, then the Gates became the CEO of the company. The word “Micro-Soft” was established by Allen. Microsoft moved the new home which located in Bellevue, Washington in January 1979.

In 1980, Microsoft entered in the operating system (OS) business with its own version of Unix, also called as Xenix. Microsoft became the leading PC operating system vendors. They expanded the more new products into the new markets with their own publishing company called as Microsoft Press. Due to some health disorders Allen was resigned from the Microsoft in 1983, he claimed his shares from the Microsoft company in the period of taking his medical treatment. By leaving the partnership from the Microsoft he loosed his billions of dollars due to his ill-convinced and he later invested in commercial real estate, low cost sector and sports team Sponership. Then the Microsoft was fully developed by the Bill Gates and now present the CEO of Microsoft is Mr. Sathya Nadella.


The King of software
Mr. William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28,1955. He is the only son of his father and her mother, also the second child for them, his father was an former school teacher. Bill Gates has an own interest in computer science to develop and began started studying computers from his seventh grade. At the age of twelve he involved with various computer programming projects from his high school. He also referred as ” THE KING OF SOFTWARE”.

Altair BASIC fit in under 4K (4096 bytes) of memory, allowing for 4K user program in an 8K system. Here is the link to that video. In this video Bill Gates and Paul Allen tells the story of how they delivered Altair BASIC in the year 1975. Many versions of Microsoft BASIC followed a variety of computers from different manufactures using a variety of CPU architectures (e.g. Apple II, TRS- 80, Commodore, etc. KEN GREGG.17,2018

The several leadership styles has been used by the bill gates to develop the people and organisation who works under him. He used more points to improve the staff and his organisational behaviour etc. He used seven different styles of leadership in his organisational behaviours. The points are discussed below .

He follows a long-term approach.
He looks beyond the present. When the rest of the world was content with way things are going, quickly he understand the impact of internet and market conditions about Microsoft.

He stay focused
A lot of people thinking they are only suitable to became leaders because they all know the plenty of things and several skills to manage in all situations. But bill gates focused on the one thing from his professional life, he stuck with it and hard worked to dominate over from others. He understood if we moves to unfamiliar territories, he could be risking it. So he focused only to develop the software.
He thinks big
Bill Gates is a visionary to begin with, which encourages him to dream big not only for himself, but also for his company. Then he comes out to pursue his dream with single-minded determination and confidence with his abilities and also with his team members. This led him to be great success in everything that he does.
He puts passion in whatever he does
Bill Gates handle all of them with excellence and passion to innovating an existing product. When something is worth doing, then it’s worth his time, energy and money. His passions was evident on Microsoft products – they are constantly evolving to suit the need of users.

He stimulates intellect and creativity
The success of Microsoft would not have been possible without the people who alongside working with the BILL GATES. With his charisma and his convincing abilities, he and his staff probably have the drives and motivates to help his visions and missions. He empowers people, creates opportunities and encourages creativity for people to explore the new ways of thinking.

He consider learning as a life – long process
He focused only on software, but he continued to learn and develop something different so he can provide with better. All over the world most of the world use only Microsoft products, the Forbes also highlighted his efforts to improve on his skills in communication and public speaking. This way help him that he has a different way of looking at the world, according to Warren Buffett.
He cares about people
He simply cared, which extends to the less privileged in other parts of the world. He wrote to the Harvard community members, he made it clear that he wished for people to emulate is championing when they look back, will not have only their professional achievements to be proud of “how well you treat people a world away nothing in common with you but their humanity.”

From this, Bill Gates fit as a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADES. He does not rule in a way that only his will and his ideas are done, encourage his followers to share his visions and help to realize them. This way tells his organization was running successfully. JOSEPH CHRIS. 20,2015
HRM is the very important functions to perform internal order to hire the required workforce, manage them effectively and ensure that they are working in right direction in order to achieve overall organisational goals ( Robert L. Mathis, A John H. Jackson, 2008).
Many of the case studies will provide the effective recruitment and selection process in organisation is very much crucial for its success and to achieve high performance goal of the company. The researches have develop the positive relations between effective recruitment and process to the company overall organisational performance. The organisation will select employees who match the recruitments and having enough abilities to contribute the overall success of the company they reduce their cost of employee development and to invest the more time in training programs in a lot of the organisations.
The word induction which refers to the process of introducing a new employer to his company and work environment. In this session they HR Manager will guide you some points through the PowerPoint Presentation and includes some videos about their organisational behaviour.

Induction which company overview like
^ Mission, Vision, Value
^ History, Objective and clients
^ Business Verticals, management team and hierarchy
^ Policies and dress code
^ Business conduct guidelines
Joining and statutory forms

The orientations which describes about some of the important to follows in the organisational behaviours aligning job responsibilities and different work culture.

Includes multiple learning methods
^ Presentation ; Videos
^ Information sessions and online learning courses
^ Workplace tour and Formal meetings with Teams and Departments.

Information of procedures and process
Information of work assignment, job work, clients
Introduction to team members and key contacts
Introduction about employees term and conditions
The Induction and Orientation are different for organisation to organisation but the content of these program is to facilities transition for employee into the new workplace and should develop for them with the positive thoughts and to motivate the employees in their work and their personal life outcoming problems.

In HR training and development is the very most important fundamental function of an organisation. In multinational organisation the human resources have a vital role to provide the training programs for employee according to their skills to motivate behind the sessions.

The new employee is appointing for the job, the training is necessary for them to develop their organisations? Yes, Training it’s very important to our employee to know about the organisations he/she should learn in a certain period of time.

The HR manager should be well experienced in their duties for handling training in different situation and different styles, they must exposed the employees to reach their goals for the both individual and organisational benefit from the learned programs.

Development programs are different from the training. The training should be given to the new employees about their roles and responsibilities to know their job position, job description etc. The development is taking steps to improve for their future responsibilities and roles like the employees who are all working from the past to present they will develop the extra skills, attitude, capability and performance. SILLICONINDIA.31,2013


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