Introduction Statement VEE SDN BHD incorporates twenty

Introduction to the project       A work accident, geographical point accident, activity accident, or accident at work is a “discrete incidence within the course of work” resulting in physical or mental occupational injury.1 According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), quite 337 million accidents happen on the work annually, resulting, along with occupational diseases, in additional than a pair of.3 million deaths annually.   The phrase “in the course of work” will embrace work-related accidents happening off the company’s premises, and may embrace accidents caused by third parties, according to Eurostat. The definition of work accident includes accidents occurring “while engaged in associate degree economic activity, or at work, or carrying on the business of the employer” in line with the ILO.  The phrase “physical or mental harm” means that any injury, disease, or death.

activity accidents disagree from activity diseases as accidents square measure sudden and unplanned occurrences (e.g., mine collapse), whereas activity diseases square measure “contracted as a results of associate degree exposure over a amount of your time to risk factors arising from work activity” (e.g., miner’s lung).Company Background     Vyramid Electrical Sdn Bhd could be a non-public company restricted specialised in Mechanical and Electrical Company that primarily based in Penang since 2014.

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      Scope of activities inclusive  of electrical services on installations that offer, deliver, install and take a look at, installation for power, lighting and controls, lightning protection and grounding system, switchgear and electrical device installation, generating set, frequency convertor, compressor and motor installation, electrical and mechanical works for prime rise buildings, residential and manufacturing plant.     Embrace continual improvement which can keep America meeting and prodigious the quality expectations of our customers, employees, contractors and third parties. The business has developed a wonderful name for delivering a top quality, skilled service, and as a result, enjoys long run relationships with a longtime shopper base.   Problem Statement   VEE SDN BHD incorporates twenty five direct staff and variety thirty four foreign employees employed through man power organization. Out of the twenty five staff eight of them {based|based mostly|primarily primarily based} at workplace whereas the remainder based at construction website.

each workplace staffs and website employees square measure exposed to geographical point accidents. Compare to the workplace, accident numbers at construction aspect square measure continually higher and dangerous.Here I created an inventory of known threat and hazard at work place.

Table:Office:Damaged outlet Use of sharp tools in workplaceArranging store thingsUse of PPE whereas handling toolsConstruction websiteUsage of PPEHandling serious Machineries Cable pullInstallation of electrical things Use of sharp instrumentality Aim  The aim of this study is verify the factors that cause geographical point accident at VEE SDN BHD and planned ways in which to enhance safety behavior at geographical point to scale back the amount of accidents that occur.Objective    1) to spot the factors that influence to figure place accident  2) To rectify the matter to scale back the amount of labor place accidents.Significance of  the Study        Generally, this study can facilitate to enhance the security behavior at the geographical point however it’ll additionally increase VEE SDN BHD’s information and perception towards safety behavior. what is more, it’ll additionally facilitate to enhance the security implementation at their company.

This analysis can also facilitate VEE SDN BHD to know factors that contribute to the accidents and develop management ways to stop accidents happened at the geographical point.To ensure the security atmosphere and culture at the geographical point, staff have to be compelled to be educate concerning the human factors that associated with their behaviors so as to stop accident and work connected injuries. it’s necessary for the workers to aware that accident are often prevented if they’re very operating forward to that.Finally, it also can contribute to a tutorial information for future man of science wherever it’s expected to focus on the link between human factors and safety behavior.Limitations of the study  Since this study was conducted around 2 months I found immeasurable difficulties, as a result of whereas doing this analysis i used to be additionally operating.

therefore I even have time constraint to complete my thesis. Addition to the current, I even have to visit construction websites to try and do my interviews and survey with site employees. Respondents UN agency conducted during this study might not be honest once respondent my survey type. may|this could} be as a result of they could be petrified of their superior and a few might assume it’s a waste of your time to answer survey forms.


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