Introduction learn more about diseases that are spreading

Introduction  In this followingresearch paper I will be discussing my topic which is based on the PituitaryDisease known as the “Hypothalamicdisease”. This disease is particularly known as a malfunction of the brainrelated to the hypothalamus, helping to control the body’s general functions. Itis rooted in the brain near the cranial cavity. This condition is important in theendocrine system; gives the pituitary gland permission to release the remainingof the hormones that are found in the system. Determining that the body isbalanced and functioning adequately is the primary task of the hypothalamus.

Ichose to talk about this topic because I find it intriguing as to how thisdisease can become destructive throughout time if not treated immediately andcorrectly. The purpose of writing this research paper is to learn about thedisease we chose to write about and encourage others to learn more aboutdiseases that are spreading across the nation. By writing this paper I alsohope to encourage people to increase their health habits so they can live amuch longer time.      Statistics             Ithas been stated that consistently sleeping and waking up in the middle of thenight is due to the hypothalamic disease and can result leaving the patient ina coma, this is likely to happen to only a small percent of patients. It canleave the person feeling drowsy, and with lesions meaning leaving the body withincorrect functions. It was first discovered in the 1900’s that reducing thechances of getting this disease requires a person to maintain at a healthyweight and eat a well-balanced meal, keep track of their body temperature.Especially during pregnancy a woman should take care of herself; that meanstrying to have a stress-free life during those 9 months, relaxing more, andeating healthier so during child labor the baby is healthy.

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A person shouldcontrol their emotions; by doing so they can communicate with others and ventabout problems. The most important rule is keeping a healthy routine for sleep;meaning sleeping the required 8 hours a day. Following these habits keeps thebody away from the disease.    Pathophysiology(Causes)  Some causes of thedisease include: surgery or infections or swelling. After a person has had suchinfections or swelling it is best recommend that they take any painkillers andheating or cold pads over the affected area to reduce the chances of it gettingworse. Traumatic brain injury requires the person to rest as much as possible;resting at home is the best place to be able to lay in bed. Stress is somethingthat occurs in a person’s daily life, to avoid that it is best to keep apositive mindset.

By keeping a positive attitude people should surroundthemselves with loved ones. Tumors, radiation, nutrition problems; eatingdisorders such as (anorexia, bulimia), extreme weight loss, blood vesselproblems in the brain; for example aneurysm, pituitary apoplexy, subarachnoidhemorrhage etc. Genetic disorders for example Prader-Willi syndrome it what causesthe person to gain uncontrollable weight, disability and affects growth ofperson. Familial diabetes, Kallmann syndrome causes delay in puberty and lossof scent.    Signsand SymptomsSome signs andsymptoms that detect hypothalamic disease due to inefficient hormones producedin the body are Gigantism or dwarfism these are two other pituitary diseasesthat occur in the human body. For pregnant women it may lead to miscarriage orhaving premature babies. It may lead to migraines, or blindness, the ability tobe physically active examples; walking, running, jumping and sexually active, dizziness,constant weight loss or gain, bowel movements, Minor signs related to hypothalamic disease may be emotional problems,high or low body temperature, dehydration, bladder problems or bladderinfections and loss of scent. Doctors recommend mothers to take supplementssuch as B-12, Folate, Prenatal Multivitamin, Probiotics, Vitamin D3, Magnesium,Coconut oil and Third Trimester Pregnancy Tea they have been resulted todecrease chances of increasing the chances for their children to develop any hormonaldiseases.

     Diagnosis   There are numeroustypes of tests that can diagnose whether the patient is suffering fromhypothalamic disease. The first is an MRI scan which is used in radiology; it detectsthe inside of the human body.  The secondtest is known as CAT scan; a combination of X-rays from different angles scanningspecific areas in general. The best technique for a doctor to diagnose is totest the pituitary gland, depending on how the hormone levels are he/she willexplain the cause of the disease. An old strategy that the physicians would useto diagnose was called TRH (Thyrotropin-releasing hormone) stimulation test,however they never saw any negative or positive outcomes. They soon began todiscover that healthy patients respond about 30 minutes after being injectedwith TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) injection. An unhealthy patient withhypothalamic disease responds 45-60 minutes after injection.

Throughout theirentire research, researchers have found that the best way to diagnose a patientis to operate on an evaluation process using thyroxine supplements.  Treatment Once the doctor hasdiagnosed that the patient has the disease his following procedure is toeliminate the tumor with surgery. It may be a bit difficult to remove dependingwhether or not the patient has any tissues or pituitary glands surrounding thetumor.

If such risks are wanted to be avoided the following step would be touse a therapy known as “Radiation therapy” this helps remove the tumor withouthaving to dissect anything from the inside of the patient. Doctors may askpatient to attend to a diet reducing the risk of increasing the chance ofgetting hypothalamic disease again. They might even prescribe a pill known as corticosteroids this helps to restorethe hormone if it has been determined that the person will never recover fromthe disease.       Prognosis  Many researchershave told the public that this disease can be treated most of the time ifhormones are replaced using various types of methods. The first method would beto take more minerals such as “Chromium” to help the body to be able tofunction more. Some foods that contain chromium are Broccoli, Potatoes, Garlic,Basil, Grass-fed beef, Oranges, Turkey, Green beans, Apples and Bananas. Usingtwo types of oils; such as terpenes and sesquiterpenes help release emotions,keep balance, and maintain a good memory. A third option would be to takevitex, which produces female hormones.

The fourth option would be to eat oliveoil, coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and wild-caught salmon. These helpto support a healthy level of cholesterol. The fifth method is to increasestress-free activities such as sleeping more. And the last method is toexercise on a regular basis, this helps to metabolize food better.   PreventionThe hypothalamicdisease can be prevented by a patient consulting first with a doctor if they feelthey have any problems with hormonal deficiency meaning with growth hormones.

It is best to not assume that you can treat yourself if not tested by aphysician. Another great strategy is to maintain a healthy diet; such asfruits, vegetables, fiber, proteins, water. The healthier you eat the lesschance you have of increasing that risk. Staying active is another greatstrategy; for example taking a nice walk outdoors under the sun. Vitamins isalso a great way to maintain a healthy body, many times people don’t have thetime to eat a healthy lunch containing vitamins and minerals. Taking a vitaminevery morning is a great way to reduce chances of getting a hormonal disease orany disease in general.       ComplicationsWith hypothalamicdisease there are thought to be various complications; for instance if apatient has a brain tumor that willeventually lead them to have blindness, issues controlling the salt and sugarintake. Hypothyroidism causes highcholesterol and problems related to the heart.

Adrenal insuffiency after having a surgery or an infection theperson won’t be able to cope with stress. Sexgland deficiency leads to problems with heart disease, osteoporosis meaninghaving delicate bones, mothers begin to have issues with their breast leadingto not being able to breastfeed their babies. Growth hormone deficiency leads to dwarfism; people tend to reachan abnormal height, lose strength. These are complications that may or may notoccur while the person is suffering from hypothalamic disease.  Conclusion In this followingresearch paper I chose to talk about TheHypothalamic Disease a problem with the brain called the hypothalamus thathelps control many body functions. I found this topic to be very interesting. Ifound information that I never knew even existed. It has taught me that if thebody is not treated correctly the body will eventually start to becomeunhealthy and suffer the consequences that you caused upon yourself.

Researchershave stated that that there are ways for treating the disease but they feel itis unlikely to find a cure to the disease itself. They also stated that sincethere is no way to control the genes of a person there are healthy tips tofollow to maintain healthy, however they are not giving up on finding a cure toeliminate the disease forever.               


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