Introduction of the society said that homosexual


simply mean a person who is sexually attracted to people of the same sex and
not to the opposite sex. Reference
1 Nowadays, homosexuality has toppled headlines of
newspaper, magazines and the news. Besides, it had influenced in the society
but it’s still discussing. Some of the society said that homosexual is
unhealthy and immoral behavior also it will give negative impact towards
individuals, families and societies.

I used this
topic for my essay because the homosexuality has been causing controversy in
the society such as same-sex couples and Christian. In addition more and more
countries are legalized same-sex marriage. For example Portugal, Finland,
Ireland etc.


Sociological analysis on homosexuality

In the society
many people think that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Later in 1975, the
Americans Psychological Associate (APA) announced that homosexuality is not a
mental disorder and in 1994 they acknowledge that it was neither a mental
illness nor a moral depravity.
Reference 2

The Christian
churches believed that homosexuality is a sinful act which is against the
bible. According to Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies
with a female; it is an abomination.”Reference
3 and Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies
with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a
detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is
upon them.”Reference 4  The Bible does not support homosexuality, as
we have seen from the scriptures above.


The views of the society on homosexuality

The research
shows that the views concerning homosexuality are specifically very delicate.
In the society it depends on the culture and religions background, it’s viewed
that different people view the issue differently. According to the cultural
values of the society gays and lesbians have civil rights which support their
acts. However the religions do not agree with the acts since it views it as a
sin and against the laws of the bible and other holy books. Reference 5

homosexual is considered as a deviance and behavior that do not comply with the
social norms and values of the society, hence socially created. Since many
people in the US society believes that homosexuality is wrongful, society had
made and highlighted homosexuality to be a moral wrong. Since moral wrong is
relative and not absolute to a society.

Homosexuality is
not a universal form of sexual immorality. There are most cultures that allow and
support this forms of homosexuality. The Western societies defy it though, and
mostly this has led to the non-accepting view resulting to discrimination
towards homosexuals. But despite all this they should understand that
homosexuality is a way of survival for some persons even if minority in the
society and they should be accepted and accommodated the way they are and not
isolating the in the society.



Problems of homosexual

Moral, religious
and legal attitudes in attempts to control sexual behavior have interfered with
a clear view of the medical and psychological aspects of homosexuality. This
phenomenon is probably much less destructive of social aspects of our society
and culture than is generally believed, since it is actually more widespread than
is generally acknowledged.

probably has hormonal and undoubtedly social and psychological factors, the
latter of which are the only ones which can be worked with successfully in our
present state of knowledge. A general practitioner’s task is to aid those who
wish and need help with this problem in finding psychiatric treatment in the
same way that persons with any other emotional disturbance are referred. This
should be carried out without bias just as with any other emotional disturbance Reference 6


The researches
show that the homosexuals have a greater chance of getting psychiatric problems
than the heterosexual. Problems are accompanied by some instances such as high
suicide, depression or substance abuse
Reference 5 Also homosexuality poses brings about
the issues of isolation, discrimination and the cases of violence increase in
the society.

homosexuality causes AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. According to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 1994 to 1997 the
proportion of homosexuals reporting having had anal sex increased from 57.6
percent to 61.2 percent, while the percentage of those reporting
“always” using condoms declined from 69.6 percent to 60 percent. Reference 7 A five-year CDC study
of 3,492 homosexual males aged fifteen to twenty-two found that one-quarter had
unprotected sex with both men and women. Another CDC study of 1,942 homosexual
and bisexual men with HIV found that 19 percent had at least one episode of
unprotected anal sex–the riskiest sexual behavior–in 1998 and 1997, a 50
percent increase from the previous two years.Reference 10






Cause of homosexuality

1.      Sexual

Children who
were sexually abused, whether by someone of the same or opposite sex, do not
grow up to be gay or lesbian, but such trauma can warp and prevent the natural
and healthy development of sexual orientation, sexual identity and healthy
sexual relationship. But when children suffer long-term sexual abuse, it may
cause a child to grow up with sexual dysfunction, gender or sexual orientation
confusion, as well as poor or unhealthy sexual relationships and fear of
contact with the opposite sex. Reference

2.      Confused

Some of people
were abused sexually as a child and internalized this trauma, or who somehow
grew into a sexual, gender, or identity dysfunction that caused them to engage
in negative, not positive, sexual behaviors. Thus, there are a small minority
of people who are “gay or lesbian” not because it is their true sexual
orientation, but because of some dysfunction within their life development and
processes. For example women who have involved homosexual activities are not
really lesbians, but haven’t been able to development good relationship with
men because of past sexual and physical abuse. Reference 10

3.      Confused
Gender Rules

People who don’t
fit the traditional gender roles that grow up to be gay or lesbian. For example
if you’re a male and like to arrange flowers, dance in ballet and clean, then
you stereotypically must be gay; If you’re a female and like to Kung Fu or work
on site, then you stereotypically must be lesbian. In the majority of those
works are not gay or lesbian, they’re straight. A person who’s going to against
the traditional gender roles doesn’t cause to become gay or lesbian, but maybe
reflective the rejection of homosexuality by society. Reference 8.

In countries
that are open to gays or lesbians, homosexuals and heterosexuals are found
equally in occupations and roles traditionally believed as” masculine” or



To sum up, the Christian
churches and some societies in complete objection the homosexuality, because
they believed that homosexuality is a sinful act which is against the bible and
other holy book, also they believes that homosexuality is wrongful, society had
made and highlighted homosexuality to be a moral wrong.


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