Introduction another opinion about the real Demons are.



Do you believe in Demon? Some people in the world may think that demons are real especially to some people who have religious faith as for as they also believe in all unseen thing, including God, Demon, Angel, and anything which all written in the Holy Book, but some scientist or researchers who have skeptical point of view has another opinion about the real Demons are.  In religion’s point of view, Demons are created by God to lure human to do some bad thing and stay away from God way. In the researcher’s point of view, they cannot only believe in what written in Holy Book, so They make a lot of experiments to get good evidence about the Demon presence. Some fact has been found by researchers about the Demonic phenomena (the case when you get when some supernatural thing happens by yourself that cannot explain by science reason) and It is making the researchers think that demon is actually unreal.  I don’t want to make you confuse.  Do I want to show to you what the real demon is? In religion and also researchers view.


A.    The Demon history by religion view

Some religion has their own view of Demon. on the Islamic Holy Book, or also called Al Quran. The Demon is the creature who made by God from the ember. The Demon was born far enough from the human existence. The Demon was God’s faithful being which lives happily in the heaven. They served and always praised the God every time.

The Demon has high intelligence and near enough to the God, the God often accept the Demon will. It is making the Demon as one of strengthening created by God. Some Demons instead believe in becoming headman to the angel who wants to get married. Anything is changed by the Adam creation, the Human ancestor, the first human in the world who made by God from the land.

God said to all his creature that the Human is the perfect beings in the world. Demon refuses to assume Adam existence as the perfect beings and they vowed to don’t accept Adam presence. The Demon thinks that they are better than human because they created from ember who is more superior to the land. It makes the God angry and giving punishment to Demon. God makes all Demons removed from heaven and being trapped in the world. The punishment also makes All Demon doomed to hell and must be ready for the torment of hell forever after the doomsday.

The Demon makes a request to the God to make them longevity for looking many friends to accompany them in the hell. God accepts the demon request. Until now Demon have many projects to make people go to hell with them, like make people don’t believe in god, forget to prayer, corruption, murder, drugs, free sex, homosexual, heterosexual and all bad thing that happen in nowadays human being.

Same as Islamic view, on the Bible or The Christianity holy book also tells the Demon presence. The different from Islamic view is only from the originality of Demon, in Bible, Demon is the trustworthy angel who rebelling God. The Bible describes Demon as a real person in the invisible spirit realm. The Bible tells us that demon is a vile and cruel nature action.  it also includes the transcript of the conversation between God with Jesus and Demon. Some as Islamic, Demon created far beyond human existence. The Demon is not his personal name when he was created. It is a name that describes itself, which means “Opponent; Enemy; Opponents of God “. He is finally called Demon because he chooses the course of life against God. By sparking rebellion, this formerly trustworthy angel made himself to the Demon and the enemy of God and human. The term “Demon”, meaning “Slanderer,” also clarifies the identity of the wicked. The originator of this sin ultimately affects other angels to disobey God and join in his rebellion.

How Strong is the Demon effect to a human being? A criminal may remove his fingerprints at the scene so they don’t leave a trace of his identity. However, when the police arrive, they know that if a crime happens, there must be a criminal. Demon, the original “human’s killer”, attempted not to leave his identity. As for when Demon while speaking to eve, Demon hid his identity behind a snake. He is still trying to hide today. He “blinds the minds of unbelievers” to hide the extent of his powerful influence. some demons even ordered his men to interfere with human faith by offering cooperation in the form of worldly profits to be exchanged for the sacrifice of life. Some demons also disturb humans with some creepy apparitions and hearing aims to make people afraid of demons, whereas man should only be afraid of God.


B.     The Demons in scientific view


Until now the scientists still don’t believe in the Demons existence. Although suppose that the Demons exists, but still difficult to be proven in real. Because according to people who believe by religion view, the Demons are in another realm, invisible, but sometimes can be felt even seen at certain moments. If they actually exist, then what the demons are? From what did they form? What creatures are they? Could it be that a Demon consists of matter which is a gas element, a molecule, an ion or something else? Or it could be, the Demons consists of a substance or element that scientists have never known. Scientists are still investigating the mystical phenomenon of the Demon Existence. Then comes another question, how the Demon can show his existence? How can they break through walls or other materials? How are they created? How did they end? Or is the Demon an illusion of the eye, the illusion of the ears or the illusion of feeling? Whatever the Demon tell in religion reason, scientists still take research from the point of science only and they still believe that Demons are illusions made by the brain in certain circumstances. If The Demon is an illusion made by the brain, then the classic question arises again, how the brain can make the illusion of demon appearance? What makes the brain capable of this illusory ability?  It makes a big question to all scientific in the world until now.









C.     The Research about Demon


Some researchers have joined together to investigate the Demonic phenomena. One of their experiment is when they conducted an experiment in the most haunted place in America, the long-standing old prison in the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, United States. Several witnesses have admitted that they sometimes have Demonic phenomena such as see the invisible object flying and it happens few times. This investigation requires some volunteers who will observe the haunted prison. The chosen volunteers must be people who do not believe in Demon or Mystic and also have intrepid. Then all the nooks and jail rooms that will be used for testing are equipped with various types of infrared cameras, electromagnetic field detectors, temperature sensors, audio and video sensors and other advanced technology. After every corner and hall and old prison corridor were given the equipment, they observed the location on 3 nights but there is no suspicious object in 2-day Observation. Some volunteer doesn’t feel afraid or something bad. The only thing that they feel are cold but stuffy air. Different with two days observation before, On the third night. Scientists use a little trick. They set up some large loudspeakers (subwoofers). The subwoofer is placed in some hidden places and cannot be seen by the volunteers later. The loudspeakers will be activated and will vibrate under the human auditory or infra-sonic sense. When the loudspeaker is switched on, the loudspeaker membrane will go back and forth greatly but there will be no sound heard by humans. Night arrived, like the previous nights they were all ready with a communication tool that can be monitored and also do not forget to bring their own flashlight. After about half an hour, scientists turned on the loudspeakers of the sub-woofer. Not so long after that, there was an atmosphere that the volunteers said was “uncomfortable”. The volunteers reported that for some reason their heads were slightly dizzy, they heart was a little pounding, cervical hair and wrists crawling, and some even looked like smoke coming out of the wall. The night was so strange unlike the night before, what had really happened to them? The sub-woofer is a type loudspeaker that emits low-frequency waves. It is the cause of Demonic phenomena happens on the third day of investigation. How come, what happened?

Each frequency has a wavelength and each wave has its respective weaknesses. Unlike other ordinary waves, at very low waves or VLF (Very Low-Frequency), has properties that can easily penetrate a material such as wood, walls, soil and even some metals. these very low waves can also penetrate the human body. As long as there are waves that can penetrate human body, then the wave must also penetrate and affect the biological organs in the human body, including the brain.

The scientists, therefore, are very interested in these phenomena. What causes the influence of human behavior in a state of restless, uncomfortable even hallucination can be affected by this very low-frequency wave (VLF). From the results of his research, it turns the human brain is very vulnerable to the existence of this VLF wave. There are some parts of the brain whose nerve cells are unaffected by VLF, but there are also parts affected.

Some of the parts of the brain that are affected by VLF are the parts of the brain that regulate the balance and awareness systems. The system of balance and awareness will also ultimately affect the senses that are connected and coordinated to it. With the healing of the balance system and the consciousness of the human brain, the brain will command certain cells to the other senses, such as the eye that can see things that do not exist but seem to exist. Ears that act as a balance also begin to be affected by the wrong information from the brain, then begin to feel dizzy and also there are no actual hearing effects, such as hearing a woman’s voice, crying children and loudly roaring. So basically, The Demonic Phenomena is only created by the brain Illusion or simple thing that Demon is unreal.







From various religious and scientific point of view.  it can be concluded that the presence of the demon is still a great debate until now. each has his or her own opinion with sufficient valid evidence but the demon’s phenomenon is manifest in humans are true, believe in religion and scientist also can be proven by scientific tests using low-frequencies of radio waves. the scientists have their evidence that the Demon is only creatures created unconsciously by human senses, which is manipulated by a wave. So, back again to first questions, do you believe in Demon? if you believe, the only want you to have to do is make a lot of good actions, pray to your god and help each other instead of doing evil actions clearly created by Demon to invite humans into hell afterlife, am I right? If you are not believing in Demon, it is no problem. It’s not a big deal I think, as long as you can build a good relation with your family, your friend and also your coworkers.  You should go by yourself and congratulation, you are truly brave enough to the Demon Phenomenon. 


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