Introduction: the decrease of carbon dioxide (CO2)


Europe has set goals to accomplish a
number of energy targets counting the decrease of carbon dioxide (CO2) productions
and increasing the production of renewable resources for consumption of energy
in the EU.  These targets are so called
the targets of 20-20-20 energy policies and strategies . In order to accomplish
these goals and to carry on structuring a fully inner market and at the same
time taking care of renewable energy from wherein it
is generated to wherein its miles needed and imparting extra source
of gas, the EU281 must be appropriately linked. To elevate current and to construct
new interconnectors, large investments of approximately two hundred billion
euros is essential for the next years to come. On 14 October 2013, the EU Commission
introduced the projects of common interests of energy infrastructures around
Europe. They presented 248 projects.

purpose of this essay is to analyse in more details why we need European energy
policy and strategy and to explain what is the 20 20 20 strategy of Europe.
Later on the steps of Europe is taking in order to complete that energy targets will be explained. Lastly a detailed paragraph will
explain what these Projects of common interests are.



















20 20 EUROPE

The EU, by 2020,
targets to cut its greenhouse gas productions by twenty present, increases the
section over renewable energy in imitation of at least 20 percent over consumption
and accomplish savings of 20 per sent or more in energy . In addition countries
of European Union have also to accomplish to use renewable energy for their
transport sector of at least 10 per cent. By achieving those targets this means
that Europe dependency on foreign fossil fuels is decreasing which therefore
helps decreasing the air pollution and is also fighting for the sustainability
for the climate change. In addition it can keep the energy in affordable prices
for organisations and people.


The infrastructure package:


Trans- European infrastructure development and energy:

For those goals to be met by 2020, Europe set out a lot of
priorities in their energy strategy. The first priority is to invest into in
efficient products, good transportation, and efficient buildings. This contains
procedures like energy cataloguing systems, restoration of public constructions,
and eco-design desires for energy severe goods. The second priority they set
was to protect the safety of customers both in terms of rights and in the
working energy sector. . This embraces the allowance of clients to simply
change energy providers, monitor energy usage, and quickly resolve criticisms.
The third priority is for Europe to build a Pan-European energy market (online
resource) by creating more infrastructures such as pipelines, essential
transmission lines, and LNG Terminals. The money that are needed for doing such
projects, and there are troubles in funding with the countries, Europe may fund
them. Never the less solar power, smart networks, storage and capture of carbon
are EUs strategic energy technology plans which have as a purpose to speed up
the growth and placement of low carbon technologies.

Additionally Europe’s another priority is the up to date
energy grids. For this goal to be achieved, Europe needs to invest approximately
1000 billion euros. This will have as a result the development of high voltage
line and gas pipelines connecting the whole Europe.


The Trans-european energy infrastructure guidelines:


The Trans-European energy infrastructure categorizes 8
priority corridors and 4 thematic areas that Europe must procced in implementing
them in the next decade. The eight priority corridors are separated in electricity
and gas priority corridors.







Gas priorities corridors:


North-South Gas Interconnection in Western Europe:

Gas interconnections for North-South passes through Western
Europe to further expand routes. Another reason is to minimize the time of
delivery. The reason of this passage is for the better connection of  the Mediterranean, so supplies from Africa and
the Northern supply passage, with goods from Norway and Russia. Although there
is process going on, there is limited development in the Iberian Peninsula thus
is delaying the well-developed infrastructure of gas. The amount for this
project is estimated to be 20 billion.


Southern Gas Corridor

The Caspian Basin, Central Asia, the Middle East and Eastern
Mediterranean Basin will transfer  gas to
the EU to increase variation of gas traders. 
The reason behind this corridor to be made is to get new gas sources to
the EU and to branch out mostly concentrated markets in South East Europe. By having
a variation of sources this means that there will be no monopolistic markets
thus the competition will improve and keep going. In addition there will be no
scarce supply of gas at any time. The amount for this project is estimated to
be 22 billion euros


Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan in gas:

The purpose of this is to launch at Baltic Sea Region an open
and combined local gas energy marketplace targeting at full incorporation into
the EU’s Internal Energy Market. Because Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Latvia’s
markets are isolated they need a crucial act in the energy infrastructure in
order to make sure that the security of supply of gas is possible and connected
to the rest of the EU. In that way customers have variety of gas markets and
the liquidness of the local’s markets will also increase thus cheaper prices
for consumers. The amount of this project is estimated to be 3 billion euros


North-south Gas Interconnections in Central Eastern and south


The Regional gas pipelines connections between the Adriatic
and Aegean seas, Baltic Sea Region and the Black Sea. The reason behind this path
is the development of local gas infrastructures so that it can support the
market variability and to improve supply variation with through access to other
source of gases from south and north pipeline, together with the development of


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