INTRODUCTION An engineer must use the pump

INTRODUCTION   Nowadays, fluid mechanic is very important element in engineering field.There are many things that related to fluid mechanic in our daily life. As weknow, fluid is not only water, there many type of fluid in this worlds such as mercury,oil, water and many more. The most popular fluid that we use in our daily lifeis water. We use water for drink, bath and many more. The water that we useactually has been transfer from one place to our house. To make sure the waterreach to our house.

An engineer must use the pump power that produces enoughpressure to make sure the water flow until the house.There are many ways to find pressure. For example we can use pressuremeasuring device like manometer. There are two type of manometer. Thefirst one is has a fluid reservoir and the end of the tube in open to theatmosphere. The second one in has two fluid reservoir that interconnected. Wedata that we get from the manometer can be use in the Bernoulli’s equation tofind a pressure. Thevariables that have in the Bernoulli’s equation are pressure at the differentfluid, the difference if height between fluid and the density of the fluid.

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Atmospheric pressure also needed to solve the Bernoulli’s equation. After wesolve the Bernoulli’s equation, we can get the pressure at the reservoir ortank. So from the pressure that we get we can decide many things such as sizeof the pipe of anything else. We also can get the pump power needed to pump thefluid to the residential area.       PROBLEM STATEMENTS   Nowadays,there are many problems that related to fluid mechanic. There are many thingswe must consider or calculate before we make apparatus, device, building andmany more.

For an example we want to supply water to the house at an area. Sowe must know the pump power needed to make sure the water reach the home andthe resident use the water. If the pump powers not enough, so the water cannotflow until the home. To make sure the water reaches to the home, we mustcalculate the pump power or pressure needed. There are many formulas involvecalculating this problem, we must consider the density, high and theatmospheric pressure.

Otherthan that, the pressure also important because from the pressure we can decidethe material we must be used for the apparatus or device that we want to make.If the material that we use for the device or apparatus cannot withstand thepressure, the device or apparatus will easily broke. For instance, if we wantmake a pipe circuit for a home we must know the highest pressure that flow throughthe pipe. That’s why we can see there are many type and size of pipe sell atthe market.             Moreover, usually engineers do nothave time to calculate to solve the problems because they must settle down theproblems in a short time. They also cannot memorize all formula. So if theengineers do not use the program, it will need more time to solve the problems.      OBJECTIVES   Themain objective of this project is to find the pressure at the tank.

Other that that the objectives of this program are:        i.           To find the pressure at any type of fluid at manometer     ii.           To reduce the time that needed for the user to calculate   iii.           To make the students more understands about fluid mechanic problem thathappen in reality    iv.           To improve the skill orability of students make a better program       v.

           Apply the knowledgethat have been learn at class by make a program     vi.           To get more accurateanswer than manual calculation   


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