Introduction national cultures affect management practices and also

Introduction Cross cultural management are seek to we and future business field peoples understand how national cultures affect management practices and also cross cultural management identify the similarities and differences across cultures in various management practices and organizational contexts and management. Its increase the effectiveness in global management and also expand the scope in domestic management to encompass the international and multicultural. We under studies with culture as a noteworthy power in worldwide business inside the setting of a worldwide economy. In this module, we characterize culture, survey its different arrangements in the realm of business, evaluate its part in business speculations, and examine an assortment of theoretical, methodological and down to earth issues identifying with the estimation and use of culture at different levels of investigation (national, industry, corporate, person).

Specifically, we center around the unpredictable errand of catching and surveying the social experience, introduce experimental proof, give representations, and test social blends. One of main topic that we learned in cross cultural management is Globalization and culture. Most huge organizations have some sort of business relations with clients, organizations, representatives or different partners in different nations and society.

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Many employees, workers and managers are deal with peoples from other cultures and basically they different type of attitudes. The greater part of us have a nearby involvement with just a single or two societies. We do not understand people from other cultures as readily and intuitively as people from our own culture. Cross cultural management causes association individuals to increase better comprehension of different societies, of their way of life and of the outcomes of individuals from various societies cooperating Cross cultural management.

Learning experience in Cross cultural communication in High vs Low Context.From my understanding in this topic are giving the main contribution in dimension of cross cultural communication. High context and low context are present from verbal and non-verbal communication. High context values are indirect verbal communication and is more connected in non-verbal communication and expressions. And the low context is mostly in direct verbal communication and its less followed in non-verbal communication.

In my perspective high context culture are collectivism like group senses peoples and they mostly give important to the feelings and the low context cultural peoples are mostly individualism and they mostly think based the logic and new ideas. Asian, African and most central Europeans are high context groups and American, Australia and most western Europeans are familiar in low context group. For assignment purpose I and my project member are going to PROTON HOLDINGS SDN for interview the Marketing Manager.

Actually we decide to interview the HR Manager but unfortunately we didn’t have that opportunity but it’s nice to interview the marketing manager and told us the dimension of cross cultural communication and they we found that this Proton company are high context holding because firstly it’s are Malaysian automobile company so mostly employees are collectivism peoples and also currently this company taken by Chinese company and it’s also they collectivism peoples. But some of Proton employees are from other country like some employees are from American and some the people from western countries. Proton are most struggle when give the training to new workers because they are different culture and they have different attitudes like individuals and Proton faced some challenges because its will affect the organizations and also Proton faced the difficult with the foreign customer and they some foreign investor from other countries. And most multinational organization have the high and low context issues because its quiet challenges to solve it because it’s based on the different thinking skills from both parties. Even in my working experiences I work at Jusco and I faced a big challenge to communicate with foreign customers.

But we can learn most of experiences and knowledge from this situation. For example, how to talk with other cultural people and how behave with them and we know some general knowledge’s. Learning experience in Diversity ManagementDiversity Management are the procedure of utilizing best practices with demonstrated outcomes to discover and make a various and comprehensive work environment. Effective systems connect assorted variety advance specifically to business comes about. It’s a one of the way to develop the organization and way to make employees active and improve their skills and create diverse in workplace. Successful strategies diversity progress directly to business results. From my side I telling that diversity are means dealing with expectations and creating the resources and also creating the verbal negotiations. It’s like imagine the past, present and future.

Workers want to aware and they expected to understand behaviour are not intended to be. From this diversity the employees will have analysed the way to deal with conflicts that faced bythem in organization. It’s also promotes the achievement of organizations. Cultural diversity management are important to achieve the organization goals. When we went to Proton Holdings Sdn, we found that this organization also have some diversity management like when come to the top level and low level employees they are mainly give the opportunity to the employees and give them the chances to improvise them.

This are important to the organization because it’s give the strength to the organization and also it’s a chances the new development and innovations. In cultural diversity in this Proton organization they the formalities and the steps that needed to follows by the employees. When we interview the marketing manager in Proton, she said that any new develop or any upcoming projects they will discuss as a team and they allowed the below worker to give the ideas because sometimes they found that new brilliant ideas from workers. And also top management will decide to give some best things like rewards and more to the employees. This cultural are important to make the employees feel free and confirtable. When i do the internship in account firm, they give me a chances to expose my idea and my thinks and I get a rewards from the organizations. That’s a opportunity to improve myself.

Some explaining the pros and cons about the diversity. Cultural diversity in the workplace include increased innovation, greater connection with diverse consumers, and increased ability to attract and retain diverse employees, to name a few. Expanded development is the consequence of social assorted variety being decidedly related to differing encounters and points of view.

Demonstrates that the more points of view you have when tackling an issue, the more noteworthy the inventiveness created by the gathering. Assorted variety has likewise been demonstrated to make assemble smarter in, they make preferable arrangements over groups do. Also I found that in this topic that great community connection to diverse consumers is the best result people having the cultural perspectives. If we success in our services that increases cultural diversity in workplace and increasing the possibility of understanding the needs of consumers. When organization create inclusive environments, where the new things welcome, more peoples diverse to follow.

It basically implies that you can’t toss individuals from various societies together and expect it. It requires think push to enable individuals to explore contrasts keeping in mind the end goal to get to those ideal results like development, group association, and fascination. It doesn’t generally happen consequently or normally.

This is the reason the decent variety and incorporation field exists. How to overcome the Intercultural Communication BarriersIn my opinion, I have some ideas to solve the intercultural communication barriers such as we need to understand the place and people must have some of needed knowledge and awreness regarding the norms and customs that exist in cultures. It is fundamental that individuals comprehend the potential issues of multifaceted correspondence, and try to conquer these issues and critical to accept that one’s endeavors won’t generally be effective, and modify one’s conduct suitably. Understanding of cultures means being aware that individuals within each culture have similarities and differences. It means responding to people as individuals while recognizing that cultural backgrounds and experiences influence behavior and communication. First talk about the How to adopt and create a great organizational cultureAfter attend the talk I find out and list out the needs to create a great organizational culture.

First is the leadership. Without the leadership no matter of good intensions to create a great organizational culture. To create a great we need a leadership support. And the contribution are important to employees and also customers. Employees need to ready to support and participate such as effort because its make meaning full employment. When the beginning we need to building the something great and with purpose its more important.

Understanding the operations and purpose. We must set the value, which company rules and principles and standards measurement. We need to create the long-lasting culture to company grow. Lastly we need truthful and always communicate like doing the right thing. Second talk about how to eliminate unconscious bias in a diverse work place Unconscious bias are the social generalizations about specific gatherings of individuals that people shape outside their own cognizant mindfulness. Everybody holds oblivious convictions about different social and character gatherings, and these inclinations come from one’s propensity to sort out social universes by arranging. Unconscious bias is far more prevalent than conscious prejudice and often the certain situations can actuate oblivious states of mind and convictions.

For instance, predispositions might be more predominant when multi-entrusting or working under time weight. They have many ways to eliminate this problem first we need to find out what the bias are effect the organization. Bias affect the hired peoples, who get promoted, and more. So we need knowing the bias most likely to affect that we can take actions to solve that bias.

We need to let data inform our decisions. We need make priority to diversity our management team so they make represent. Active the team members to speak up about the biases.

The more people involved in decision the more transparent decision will come out. We need to create the cultural open dialogue and employees realize also won’t be afraid.Conclusion In this project I learned lots of know ledges and information. We find out the important of cross cultural management and internal of this topic. Culturally diverse administration is investigation of contrasts in societies that exists in the changing socioeconomics of the world and especially w.r.

t to an Organization and overseeing it by learning and honing to profit Organizations Geographically. CCM is essential to comprehend the elements inside an association as a result of ethnic and social assorted variety that exists. With expanding Globalization the significance of CCM infest even tremendous and has much importance in the present business situation.

The need for understanding different cultures is necessary as Cultures have their own way of interpreting things and what is good for one may be bad for others. And what is believed to be an essential for one group may not be necessary for others. Hence with this diversity an organisation has to understand and adapt sensitively to different group’s want and needs and strive hard to keep the gap among these groups to minimal.

I want to thank my lecture Madam Mok to give us the best opportunities and the best ways to understand this topic. We need more exercises and assignment or project like this. May be MSU need to give this kind of oppertunities to all students that can improves their know ledges.


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