Introduction found on the internet, the topic

Introduction Background of the Study This report has been written because the researchers will be unraveling facts about the seven-year pen that would be sure to find out the reason it is superior to other pens.

The seven-year pen was created by Seltzer Goods. It was manufactured in Switzerland and was supposedly be able to write 1.7 meters a day for seven years. They come in a variety of different colors and designs.

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A jumbo ink cartridge is hidden inside the pen, allowing it to hold more ink than an average ballpoint pen. 100 million pens are being discarded each day, and the seven-year pen exists to reduce that enormous number of the pens that go to waste. The researchers chose this product because the concept of the pen was intriguing. When the pen was found on the internet, the topic was immediately researched, however, the researchers were suspicious if it was eco-friendly or not. The researchers were also questioning if the pen would last for 7 years, do people truly write just 1.7 meters per day? The researchers think not, but that does not matter. The pen was chosen because it was very intriguing and because the researchers wanted to reveal if the pen was lessening the gigantic number of pens being wasted.

The researchers observed from the sources that was found that they do not give much information about the pen being environment-friendly, so the researchers are not sure if the pen is environment-friendly or not. The researchers do not have access to the pen itself so the sources obtained are being used and are read through carefully to be sure not to miss anything. A website ( that was found states that the pen actually has an environment-friendly casing, and another states that the cartridge of the pen is actually plastic ( After reviewing the websites, the researchers are still suspicious of the pen but it is a fact that the topic will be looked into further.Objectives of the Study The objectives of this report are to learn the superior features it has to other pens, to learn how long it will last, to learn if the pen is environment-friendly, and to learn the reasons why it calls itself “Eco-friendly”.

The researchers also aim to find out if the pen was lessening the gigantic number of pens being wasted. For the first objective, to learn the superior features it has is self-explanatory. It means that the researchers will have to look through more of the websites, taking note of its superiority. For the second objective, to learn if the pen is environment-friendly is a simple question but a hard one to answer considering the researchers do not have the pen but only depend on the sources. For the third objective, to learn the reason why it calls itself “Eco-friendly”, it means to unravel the reasons why and how the pen is environment-friendly.

This objective is somewhat related to the second objective so the researchers need to learn the second objective before this one. For the last objective, to find out if the pen was lessening the gigantic number of pens, is possibly the hardest because the researchers have not found anything related to this topic. But the researchers are hopeful to find something sooner. The statement of the problem is “Is the Seven-Year Pen environment-friendly like claims to be?” The question is self-explanatory.

The researchers aim to unravel the superiority it has.Significance of the Study The study is important because the complete study would tell both the researchers and the readers if the pen was environment-friendly or not. It is important for those who would be looking for a good pen because the pen claims to last for seven years and is environment-friendly if it is shown to last for seven years and if it is eco-friendly, then the people would know that they should be willing to spend a little more for the pen. If not, then they should just resort to a normal pen which is much cheaper.Scope and Limitation This report examines if the pen is eco-friendly or not, it will cover its usefulness and why you should use it instead of the ordinary pens. It does not examine how long the pen would truly last and it will not cover how the pen was made and the specific materials needed to make it because the researchers do not have the pen itself and the researchers do not have access to any information about the materials used for the pen.

Chapter 2Review of Related Literature Recycling Pens In the article by Tony, the author states that the readers can recycle pens by simply buying refills instead of discarding the whole pen; but, he also states that that wouldn’t help much and that the readers are able to do more than just that. The readers can disassemble these pens and make something else out of them. Even though there are still leftovers, it will be better than having to discard whole pens and/or refills that are not needed.Example of a Good Pen In the article by Mueller, the author states that the pen is mightier than the keyboard. Thus, using a pen is more preferable than typing it in a Word document. Therefore, this is the use of the different kinds of pens. Each pen has its own unique characteristics, but all of them should be a good pen.

A good pen should have a long life span. It should write smoothly on the paper. The Seven Year Pen contain all of these, which make it a good pen.What Makes It Good In the article by Datt, the author states that the seven year pen is supposed to last as long as its name implies. The seven year pen has, like any other pen, a strong risk of losing it. What makes it better than other pens is that it has a bigger ink cartridge.

Which allows the pen to have a longer lifespan. It also has multiple designs, unlike other pens, allowing the customer to pick what design they want.Alternatives In the article by Rutell, the article states the benefits that the Pilot FriXion Pen has. If you read the article, you will see the similarities and differences that the Pilot FriXion Pen and the Seven Year Pen have. They both write smoothly, both are ballpoint pens, and both can last longer than usual pens. In the article by Richard, the author discusses how the Seven Year Pen claims to last as long as seven years. However, the author states that other pens actually last longer than the Seven Year Pen. Pens like the Eversharp, Sheaffer, Wearever, and the Parker Jotter.

All these pens have one thing in common, they last longer than usual pens. In the article by Nguyen, the author states that an Italian design firm, Pininfarina, had debuted a writing tool that would never have to be replaced. It is named 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano. This is possible because it transfers an amount of metal from its tip and essentially lasts forever. It has a similar concept to the seven year pen. But this pen is better than the pen because it not only reduces waste, it also lasts forever. Chapter 3Conclusion The main conclusion that can be drawn is that the Seven Year Pen is an eco-friendly pen that can supposedly last for seven years and can write 1.

7 meters a day. Having a jumbo ink cartridge helps it last longer than normal ballpoint pens. You can get this pen for a cheap price. The casing is also eco-friendly. Therefore, the researchers can say that it is indeed eco-friendly because it helps reduce the waste coming from pens. Not only are they eco-friendly, the pens come in an array of designs; allowing the customer to choose which they prefer.

The Seven Year Pen is commendable for having the qualities of a good pen. In the light of this, the researchers suggest using the Pilot FriXion Pen for it comes at a cheap price. The pen writes and erases smoothly and could possibly be the equivalent of the Seven Year Pen.


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