Introduction as an aspirational group, wanting to be

Introduction In this paper, I will focus on analyzing the marketingfactors influencing the consumer choice and its successfulness referring to thecase of the Italian restaurant Comunale, located in Belgrade. It will examinetheir approach taking into consideration the factors of influence, segmentationand the marketing mix, to keeping their place as one of the top Italian restaurantsin Belgrade.

 Consumer buying behavior and factors influencing the consumers choice Consumer buyer behavior, by book definition, refers to thebuying behavior of final consumers, ergo the individuals and households who buygoods and services for personal consumption (Kotler, Armstrong 2012, p.). Tosee why consumers choose this particular restaurant instead of another we mustlook to the factors of influence.

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Culture is one of the first factors to directly influence aconsumer. Family learned values and behavior are very different from region toregion, and not all regions can accept the same product the same way. InSerbia, it is part of the culture to socialize in restaurants and cafes. Whetherit’s catching up with a friend, a date, or a simple Sunday family lunch, mostpeople prefer to be served rather than staying at home, which is a greatadvantage in this example. Subcultures narrow down our focus group even more,making it easier to target marketing. These consumers share value systems basedon a common life and experiences. In the case of Comunale, the regular guestsare mostly local, middle aged and have learned to be served with quality.

Education, wealth and income are not to be ignored,especially with a service that is not necessary, which brings us to socialclass. Customers in Comunale are usually middle class, as a membership groupmostly, since families and friends dine together, and occasionally upper class.The working class that may visit is rare, and usually on special occasions,which qualifies them through a social factor as an aspirational group, wantingto be able to afford that type of luxury daily.

Personal factors differ depending from person to person. Theaverage age, according to the manager, Branislav Kanjak, is approximately 35years. The economic situation of targeted guests is usually above average(comparing to standards of life in Serbia).Psychological factors are briefly described as motivation,perception, learning, and beliefs and attitudes.

Focusing on motivation, we seeby Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Simply Psychology, 2017), consisting ofphysiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs. Customers satisfyat least 3 in a restaurant. Physiological needs, such as hunger and thirst whichwe fulfill every day. The social need of belonging, which comes with spendingtime with people they know. Also the need for respect, an esteem need, which isfulfilled since the status of this restaurant is quite high, being seen theremeans being recognized as a higher member of society.Segmentation Segmenting the market means dividing it into smaller marketsthat can be reached  more effectively andefficiently with servicesx that match their unique needs.


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