INTRODUCTION different races and backgrounds. This inclusion of


Starbucks corporation is an American Company which
has branches worldwide.  It deals with
Coffee. It was founded in Washington in 1970. It is the third largest fast food
restaurant in terms of branches with it having 25,085 as per January 27, 2018.

As derived from starbucks mission that they want to
nurture and inspire the human spirit.

Scientific management is a management theory that
examines and processes work flow. its main goal is to improve economic effectiveness
in essence to  productivity in labor.

 I noticed that
starbucks  has a diverse culture and
inclusion .its workforce comes from different races and backgrounds. This inclusion
of all races and colors is able to make one feel at home and not feel
discriminated. Over the years Starbucks has done advertisement with people from
different races so as to portray an inclusivity face to everyone and welcoming
to everyone and make them feel at home.

According to the principles of scientific management,there
should be harmony among the workers and the management. I noticed that they
worked together in unity. There was a chain which was being followed from the
cashier to the kitchen until the time I got my cup of coffee. The workers know that
they are interdependent to each other and once any of them makes a mistake the
whole process will have gone wrong. They have a positive attitude towards
working at starbucks, division of  labor
was done perfectly in that every person was specified to a certain role, sense
of discipline this was evident with the way they were courteous while serving
customers, sincerity they gave back balance and not over charging customers.

Starbucks try to develop each and every person to
his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity this can be viewed on how they
hire works as they look for a person who has expertise on that specific field. The
work which is assigned to each employee seemed to suit her/his ability in the
organization. I learnt that this is how they employ their workers. The 2
methods they  use are interviews and
personal inventory. The characteristics they  assess are knowledge and intuition. The reason
they  chose the 2 methods is that with
interviews they get to have a face to face conversation with the applicant and
get to ask questions about their aspiration. Personal inventory assists them to
know what this applicant has been able to do successfully before. By assessing
knowledge and intuition they are able to know what they will do if in a
situation where a splint second decision is needed and the knowledge they
possess to perform the job employed for and other activities in the

Background checks are also used. They were very
effective as the employer is able to know more information about a person
before hiring them. They can be improved by assessing the cognitive ability of
a person.

The jobs that I saw that  are highly mechanistic are the management
posts such as human resource and financial management. They are tasked with
making the hard decisions in the specific restaurant on the number of employees
and how to balance the financial books of the organization with the aim of
making profit and also not overworking workers. The most mechanistic position
in the organization was the manager, and they were tasked with doing the

Analysis of a manager at a fast food

He/she is responsible for the smooth operation of
the food joint. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that the joint
delivers high quality food and drink and god customer service. As a manager
they oversee finance, human resource, marketing, operations and sales.

The Knowledge, skills and abilities needed to
perform this job include balancing finance, good communication skills among


As competition between business people increases, it
is important to have an effective human resource management so as to have an
edge over your competitors. Affirmative action, diversity and equal job
employment opportunities are key components in the process of hiring.

I was able to notice that starbucks tries as hard as
possible to make its consumers feel at home, everyone from the workers,
managers and security guards try to make a client welcome. The miles and warm
way in which they are able to talk to consumers make one to feel at home.

The interior designing and  lighting is also done in such a way that
someone can enjoy being there. The seats are warm and comfortable allowing one
to be comfortable when enjoying his/her meal


Human resource                                            in
charge of hiring and firing new staff 
members, balancing work in the organization.

Marketing manager                                   in charge of
marketing the orgazation and planning expansion to new areas.

Finance manager                                           in
charge of all finances in the organization, handles all money and makes all
desions concerning money.

Head of security                                   in charge of
ensuring all the branches and the organization is secure



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