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Nowadays, there is no one who was not use a gadget like cell phones from old communication likes post mail to high technology that make the communication simple, fast and affordable. wherever people may go and whoever they want to talk. Cell phone make it easier to keep in touch to our family and friends. Communication is the most basic element of the society. And with the technology today people are able to communicate effectively and easily in just a click. Cellphones play important roles in communication nowadays. Not only in calling, people today also uses cellphones in communicating in social media. And it’s been a habit of people to use cellphones to interact in social media by sharing their thoughts, knowledge, opinions, and experiences. Like emergency situations, in case like forgot your keys at home, got injury and also improve knowledge could use phone to internet and learn somethingfrom it. In miss understanding in class, could use it to email your teacher as soon as possible and call classmate for help. And on events around the world, today all phones have new apps. With cellphones came the most useful invention, which was internet. The internet is a great tool as it allows anyone to find information on any of the imaginable topic in seconds. The internet allows to purchase or sell any product anywhere around the world. Social networking is even possible with the help of it people can interact with one another and can create new bonds. There are different kind of people in the world including shy, anti – social and various others. Cellphones have many features, which allow shy people to interact with someone on internet without hesitation and increase their confidence. But there are certain factors that contribute and affect a person who is using a cellphone regularly and more often.

Mobile phones have now become a basic human need. Regarding this fact, each and every person from elementary school to a person old enough needs a cell phone. Not denying the fact that many app like messaging have made our very easy. These aren’t the only things a cell phone can do. During these days, cell phone has major role about how our relationships are with each other. You interact less with someone and he is not your so-good friends. However, as pointed by Mehtab (2016) that cell telephones have changed society in a negative way more than they are doing any positive impact. There are numerous reasons why mobile phones are terrible. Phones cause a diversion for kids in classrooms, drivers out and about, and they can be addictive. Another negative impact is phones separate us from the people in real lives. According to Addo (2013) cell phones called “One of the most technologically pervasive influences ” over the past decades. This study therefore examined how the adoption of mobiles phones has impacted in changing the behavior and attitude of users. Mobile phones also become part of our daily life and efforts should be made to mitigate its negative influence.
“Cell phones are being used by many people of all ages, sex, race, and religion. They have changed how we play games, talk to friends and relatives, research information, and even doing homework. Cell phones have many purposes now and will continue to get better as time goes on. Mobiles phones have become essential part of peoples live.” Peterson(2013). In addition, according to Pitzevans(2011) Innovations in society inevitably change us either for good or bad. Most however are double edged and bring with them both positive and negative effects to society. Cell phones are no different and their effect on our society has been drastic to say the least. There are many benefits that have been occasioned by the invention of mobile phones and have made life easier and better.
In a nutshell, One of the most helpful invention that science has given to the people in the world is cell phone, it helps the people to communicate with others as it makes life more easier and better. Long ago, communication with the people is difficult because there is much more to be done before the message sent to the receiver. The cell phone can’t use only for communication but also for enjoyment like playing mini games and online games such as Clash of Clans , Mobile Legend and many more. Those are few examples of how cell phones changes the humanity socially. On the contrary, we do not know too much about the harmful effects of cell phones in the humanity, but it could decrease the harmful effects of it by researching. I believe that cell phones are going to keep upgrading to keep up with the changing of society.


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