Introduction the bake foods are suitable by using

Introduction : Nowadays, processed food has become more popular in our daily life. In this assignment, I would like to discuss on the effect of processed food.

The main focus of this assignment is on a type of bakery product which is the brioche dough. Brioche is an enriched French bread, where the dough contains a high portion of fats in it. The additional ingredient added into the dough to enrich are with lots of butters and also eggs yolk. It gives the bread a very fine, soft crumb and almost flaky texture, in addition to turning the crust a dark golden color after baking. Brioche are often test sweet but it usually does not contain much sugar in it.

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The sweet text are often because of its rich texture and buttery flavors. (Baking bites & trade, 2017) The dough can be processed into brioche products most commonly through the baking processed. Normally, all of the baked food are done by using the electric oven.

All types of the oven are technically a convection oven. A convection oven works by using a fan to circulate air and keep the temperature more steady. It helps to bake the food faster by using the fan to circulate the heat more quickly and evenly. However, not all the bake foods are suitable by using the convection oven. An oven with a heat transfer of convection may easily dry out the oven much quicker, this can be said the water content in dough may absorb up by the heat which cause the bread become dry and hard. For some of the bake foods, it is better to bake without the convection on. (Durand, F, 2010)Main Body : Nowadays, there are a lot of processed food that sell in the market.

The nutritional value of the processed food has been highly concern and become a popular topic by the society. The product of brioche dough is one of the processed foods where the nutritional value of the product is also one of the concern for the consumer. Therefore, what would be the reason that caused the processed food unhealthy? Based on the research that I had done, there are several reason that caused almost all the processed food to be unhealthy. The reasons are most of the processed food normally contains high level in sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This may cause several health problems to particular type of person who consume processed food everyday such as the most common disease, diabetes. Second, the high amount of sugar in processed food can caused overconsumption of that particular food.

The reason that said so is due to the high amount of sugar in food caused addiction to someone, therefore overconsumption of processed food caused unhealthy to a person. Furthermore, most of the manufacturers would like to save their cost to produce the product, therefore they choose to use the cheaper ingredients such as low quality of vegetable oils and trans fat or other ingredients to process their product. The low quality of vegetable oils may contains lot of saturated fat which is unhealthy to our body. Besides that, processed food also contain a large amount of artificial ingredient inside the food such as artificial preservative and food coloring which make the food unhealthy. (Gunnars, K, BSc 2017) In this case, for brioche products, high amount of butter is used during preparation where the butter is added into the dough to provide the flavors. Although processed food are harmful to our health sometimes, but processed food also give benefits to us in a certain ways. Foods that undergo processing and preservation can increase its shelf life than the raw material.

Not only that, processed foods can also maintain its sensory and nutritional quality during storage than the fresh foods. Processed foods are require more energy to be produce but in another way it also requires less energy to store than the fresh foods. (Robert L. & Alicia & Andrew D., 2016) Processed food are said to be unhealthy to our body, therefore there are several ways that may help to solve the problems. First, we should cut down the amount of sugars level used in a food product during processing.

Second, cut down the use of oils or fats to processed food such as brioche products, instead we can use polyunsaturated fats as it can helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. In another way, we should also take action to put ourselves away from consuming those processed food too. For example, we should practice by taking a small steps towards a less processed diet. Slowly start from eating a healthy lifestyle to avoid processed foods in our life. A research had been done to show the benefits of the innovative brioche products. The research is done on a group of people from the malnourished nursing home residents by consuming the innovative brioche which enriched in protein and energy where it can improves the nutritional status compared to oral nutritional supplement (ONS) and usual breakfast for 12 weeks. From the researched, there is no any adverse event which related to consuming the brioche products or the ONS. The results was the participants of brioche group have a higher total energy intakes throughout the study and there is 72% of the participants in the brioche group had reached the minimum level of protein needs in our body compared to the other group of study.

The conclusion was made where the protein and energy enriched brioche had effectively increased the energy and protein intakes and improved the nutritional status of elderly people living in the nursing home. (Van Wymelbeke V, 2016) There are several process of making brioche dough into food product. The most common method is through baking. The ingredients for making brioche dough include the unsalted butter, dry yeast, milk, water, sugar, eggs, salt and all-purpose flour. At first, allow the butter to be soften.

Second, mix the 10ml dry yeast together with 40ml of water and 40ml of milk into the bowl of stand mixer. Leave the mixer for about 5 minutes to let the yeast to become bubbly. Next, add the 350g all-purpose flour and a 5ml of salt to the yeast mixture, then allow the stand mixer to stir the flour into the yeast mixture on a low speed. After that, add 2 eggs and 20ml of sugar into the flour mixture and mix it gently so that it can combine.

Turn on the mixer to the medium-low and mix until the dough form smooth ball. Add the butter into the dough and beat it until it combine thoroughly until it is smooth. Lastly, transfer the dough to a clean bowl and let it rise for around 30 minutes at room temperature. Place the dough into the refrigerator and leave it overnight. Remove the dough from refrigerator the next day and weigh it into 4. Rolls the dough into balls and place it into the greased loaf pan and cover with a piece of buttered clingfilm.

At the same time, preheat the oven to 210°C. When the dough rise to it double size, brush it with an egg wash. Bake the loaf for 30 minutes or until it turns deep golden brown. At last, allow the brioche to cool in pan for 5 minutes and remove it to the rack to cool completely. (Spiro, J, 2018) The effect of processing on the brioche food product may lead to the loss of nutrient during process. Various temperature during baking may affect the activity of yeast and thus affect the quality of the brioche product and leads to nutrient loss of foods.

Packaging is one of the important steps that may help to maintain the quality of the products. The flavor and texture of the brioche products might be change due to some of the contamination of the product. Therefore, packaging is needed to increase the self-life of the foods. During packaging, the losses of flavor and texture of brioche product can be minimize by effectively use of packaging material. However, sometimes there are also lead to some possible effect to the brioche products too. To prevent the growth of the microorganism or chemical contamination of natural toxin such as mycotoxins in the products, the manufacturer will added in some of the synthetic antimicrobials or preservatives such as propionates to increase the shelf life of the products. Propionates is one of the antimicrobial substances which used in the bakery products.

It works effectively against the spore-forming bacteria and the bread molds that cause “ropy” bread condition. (Michaelides, J, 2015) Besides, added in some of the artificial sweetener can help in preserve the foods as well. Most of the processed food are taste good due to the high amount of sugar added into the products to make the food to taste better than the original and also to increase the shelf-life of the food. Some of the common health problems associated with food are allergy and heavy metal toxicity.

These health effect normally is due to the preservative added into the food, in the case refer to the calcium propionates. Allergy might be happen on a person who is sensitive to the chemical substances where it irritates the mucous membrane in digestive system. The sign and symptom after ingesting with this food addictive are itchy skin, wheezing, rash, swollen lips, face or tongue and hives. Besides, this addictive is a type of additional source of heavy metal. Heavy metal may damage the bones, endocrine system, liver, kidneys, lungs and other system in our human body. We should avoid to consume too much of addictive into our body especially for children and pregnant woman.

(Health remedy, 2018) Furthermore, people consuming high amount of sugar may lead to health problems like diabetes. This is due to the high sugar concentration deposited in the body and the body failed to produce insulin to convert the sugar into glucose to store in the body. Nowadays, we should avoid eating processed food as it can harm to our body.

Besides avoid eating those processed food, there are also several ways to minimize the public health problems. One of the ways are read the ingredient label on the package before purchase the particular product. Understand the ingredient contains in a products is an important way so that we could know what substances are we actually added into foods and consume into our body. Second, buy the brioche product from a local bakery where less processed food can be find. (Creative, Health & Family, 2018) Avoid eating processed food by consume the freshly baked food is also one of the way to minimize the health problem brought from those processed food.

The nutritional content of the Turano brioche rolls contains 220 calories. There are 2.5g of total fat and 1.5g of the fat are come from the saturated fat. The Turano brioche rolls contributes 41g of total carbohydrates where there is 1g of dietary fiber and 8g of sugar. Besides, it also provides 8g of the protein per rolls.

(Idea Booth, 2014)Diagram 1Diagram above shows the type of brands that I had referred for the nutritional fact of the products.Conclusion : In conclusion, in this fast moving world, process foods are to be said that fully involving in our daily life. As we know that processed food contains types of chemical substances in it and diseases come about everyday are relating to them. Therefore, we should cut down the amount of consuming those processed foods and obtain a healthy lifestyle. A solution that may fix those problems is to fix how the way we eat in daily life.

We can maintain a good habits by eating those processed foods for once a week or certainly not every day. Eating freshly baked goods or foods instead of processed foods is also one of the good habits that lead to healthy lifestyle. We should practice to eat whole, healthy foods which gives a small possibility to causes diseases. Along with these good habits, a healthier societies are able to emerge for the future.


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