Introduction of 88,000 Northern troops, and 75,000 Southerners.

IntroductionThe civil war was a battle foughtbetween the Union and Confederate states in the Americas. They were fighting ifslavery should still be allowed and the rights of westward expansion. It beganApril 12, 1861 ended May 9, 1865 resulting in the Unions victory.

The victoryhad a huge cost, it left the south in ruins and had a death toll of 620,000 andmillions injured. In my model I showed the terrain and each soldier representsan army.The battle of GettysburgBattle of Gettysburg was fought fromJuly 1 to July 3, 1863 and was one of the bloodiest and biggest battle in thecivil war. It was around a small market town called Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

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There were 160,000 Americans involved in the war. There were heavy deaths onboth sides of 88,000 Northern troops, and 75,000 Southerners.Day oneGeneral Lee (confederate)hopes toconcentrate his army in Gettysburg to win a major battle, which is 35 milessouthwest of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. General Gordon(union) heads straight forlees army with his 90,000 men. The battle starts west of Gettysburg but thenthe confederate general sends his cavalry which makes the union army retreat.The union hold close to Gettysburg until reinforcements arrive.

Asreinforcements arrive on both sides. But after a while of fighting the unionbroke the right flank so they retreat to Gettysburg.Day two”As the next day dawned, the UnionArmy had established strong positions on Cemetery Ridge”( For thenext several hours, bloody fighting raged.

But after that the Union forces hadstalled their attack by dusk. “Both armies suffered extremely heavy losses onJuly 2, with 9,000 or more casualties on each side. The combined casualty totalfrom two days of fighting came to nearly 35,000, the most deaths in one day inthe war”(History.

com).Day 3On the morning of July 3, Unionforces pushed back a Confederate threat against Culp’s Hill after a seven-hour ofa brutal firefight the Union regained their strong position. Lee (confederate) decidedto send three divisions to barrage against the Union center on Cemetery Ridgewith their artillery. After the bombardment by many cannons and howitzers gunsthey Confederates charged up cemetery hill, The Union infantry opened fire onthe advancing rebels from behind stone walls while sending more troops to hitthe enemy’s flanks. This eventually made the confederate give up because theywere surrounded and lost way too much men leading Union wining. 


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