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IntroWhatis life? What does it mean that someone had a good life? Am I happy in my lifeand having a good one? These are questions that we should ask ourselves everyday and this paper is trying to get answers for such questions. We’ll viewthree views that describe the meaning of life then we’ll dive into the conceptof having a good life. LiteratureReviewToanswer the previous questions, we should first review the previous philosophers’ideas about life which can be categorized into three views. First, the conceptof Naturalism which shows that nature is the origin of the world where peopleobey its laws and forces that operate the world.

Willard Van Orman Quine is one of the philosophers thatbelieved in the concept of naturalism. He describes naturalism as “the recognition that it is within science itself, and not in someprior philosophy, that reality is to be identified and described”. Quineincluded a lot of fields in the term of natural sciences such as psychology andhistory.Quine’sview had negative and positive aspects. One of the negative aspects is that hedoubts some philosophical terms that philosophers are sure about them such as”Thought” and “Belief”.

Oneof the positive aspects about his view is that he raised questions that’s notasked much. Questions such as “Can we achieve a theory that predict both thepast and the future?” in that way we can say that we know the future as theworld won’t deviate from the way the theory predicted.    Second, the concept of supernaturalism which is theopposite of naturalism and in which believers of supernaturalism believe thatthere are people with super powers that can control the world or at least tryto do that.Third, the concept of Nihilismwhich says that life doesn’t have a meaning or value. In specific we’ll discussthe existential nihilism.

Existentialistssuch as Soren Kierkegaard had a message to people that life is in your hands and we have the powerto make our life great and only we can evaluate its greatness. Sorensystematically attacked the pillars of modern society such as the faith infamily, attachment to love, trust in work and the general sense that life haspurpose and meaning.Now we’vediscussed what life is we can switch to the next question, what is a good life? To answer a question like, let’s imaginesomeone who does the same routine every day forever. Would he be happy abouthis life? Can we just say that his life is miserable and didn’t worth living?Let’s consider another scenario where we have acriminal who’s sentenced to spend his life in prison according to a crime thathe’d done before.

This criminal has to stay alive for the rest of his lifewhere his life will have no meaning at all.    Now, let’s review the ancient Greek myth aboutSisyphus. Sisyphus in ancient Greek was the king of Ephyra. He made a mistakethat caused him punished by Gods.

His punishment was to roll a big stone uphilland whenever he reaches the top of the mountain with that huge stone, the stonerolls back to the valley beneath the mountain and he rolls it back to the topof the mountain and so on. He has to do that forever as a part of hispunishment.   In this scenario and for scenarios approaching thisone where life has no meaning, where your work and life doesn’t affect or givea meaning to others, Camus says that “life is absurd with no intrinsic meaning,yet we continuously seek one” and also says that “Courageously seeking ameaning in an absurd life is what gives it a meaning.”Camus had a pessimistic view of life and he thoughtlife has no meaning at all and we are all seeking a meaning in life that has nomeaning.Now we can get back to the above scenarios, for thefirst scenario we can’t assume he had an awful life, that’s because he could bedoing work that actually meant something to other people, so his life had ameaning. Maybe his work did affect people in a good way that they’ll think ofhim as a person who had a great life.And in the second scenario we can assure that he hadan awful life as he’s punished like Sisyphus and his work until death had nomeaning at all. How good life is, is determined by how you affectother people around you, how you interact with them in your daily life untildeath.

An American philosopher in the 20th centurycalled Nozick imagined that scientists have made some sort of an experiencemachine, where you can connect to your body and give you the experience youwant. Any experience you want to have for as long you like and it won’t feellike you are on a machine. You’ll feel inside the experience itself with eachand every detail. You’ll feel happiness, sadness, pleasure, pain …etc.

Nozickthought that we won’t have interest in entering the machine or maybe most of usas the experience doesn’t correspond to a reality. In another meaning, you cando whatever you want in the machine and it won’t affect others’ lives.Upon agreement that what makes a good life is theeffect of someone on other people, we can say that whoever experience theexperience machine will never have a good life. He maybe feel happy more thanothers but in fact his happiness doesn’t represent a change in his reality.That brings us to the concept of Eudaimonia. The Greekword that means a life well-lived, introduced by Aristotle which describes “alife of flourishing, a life in which a person is constantly striving forself-improvement, to be more virtuous, more wise, more thoughtful andself-aware.

Better.”From the above quote we can say that to Aristotle,living a good life has a finite number of ways instead of what Camus saidbefore that one has infinite ways to live a good life. Aristotle endorsedvirtue and more self-improvement. He also endorsed being wise and self-awarewhich is certainly different than what Camus introduced previously.

From the above ideas and thoughts, we can form our ownopinion about life and how to live a good life.   PersonalOpinion and ConclusionSincethe meaning of life is determined by our actions and our actions are motivatedby our thoughts. I think the meaning of life relies there inside each and everyone of us. Every person has his own meaning of life and it differs us from oneanother.

I believe that being alive depends on having an effect on othersthrough actions. This doesn’t conflict with the Islamic way as in Islam peopleare created to worship Allah and Allah honored those who develop their society and try to discover more about nature to help people. So the meaning oflife is our actions and thoughts that lead to these actions. Then determiningif our life is awful or good is just a matter of looking at what we’veaccomplished till now and what we should have accomplished in the same periodof time.Weshould quote Qur’an in two verses:{AndI (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship me(Alone)}Al-Dhaariyaat 51:56{Hebrought you forth from the earth, and settled you therein}Hood 62Ourtime on earth is limited. So, we should ask ourselves every reasonable amountof time questions such as “Does my life have a meaning in other people’slives?” and “Am I happy with what I’ve done till now?” Questions like that help to correct your path before it’s too latefor you to change your path.


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