INTODUCTION a cleanup point. It focused on


                In the
year 1848, women were activist in movements, peaceful protest, and public
meetings for equal rights as men. Everything that occurred, women were not able
to do anything but stay at home duties. Men never wanted to see a women leader
or women having the same rights as them because they felt stronger and
superior. Todays the world has change ten times more than how things use to be.
There are women leaders, women have the same access to an equal education as
men, they can work the same job a man does and even become president. Even
though things have improved there is still accurate movements for the rights of
women such as feminist.

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                What do
you consider feminism? Is it wrong? Is it right? Feminism has gone about for
many years starting in united states in the year 1848. Reaching the goal of
equality for all women who are activist in movements and protest. Research
states, “Feminists and scholars have divided the movements history into three
waves.” ( The evidence most likely describes that
there is a certain point that each wave refers to. The first wave is mostly
about the voting rights of women. According to my background knowledge, many
women in the year 1848 started women suffrage movements to protest for the
rights of women. The second wave is basically about the actions taking place to
end other inequality issues. For example, bringing an end to discrimination of
women of color. Lastly, the third wave was basically a cleanup point. It
focused on fixing things that may have went wrong in the second wave and how
they reacted to its failures. Each wave has its own historical viewpoint and
are very detailed about what went on during that time.


                One may
think that we are all equal so there is only one type of feminism, but others
may think because we are from different cultures that we are divided. There are
different types of feminism but there all fighting for freedom of certain
rights. There is Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism, Marxist and Socialist
Feminism, Cultural Feminism, and Eco Feminism. Liberal Feminism is the focus in
which a woman keeps up with her own actions and decisions. Radical Feminism is
when it emphasizes the unequal rights between men and women and leaving women
oppressed. Marxist Feminism is based on moral rights and wrongs to wage labor.
Socialist Feminist is focused on ending all sources of women oppression.
Cultural Feminist is using to point out female nature. Lastly, Eco Feminism is
the points between women and nature and their connections. These are all the
different types of feminism.


isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about
changing the way the world perceives that strength,” quoted by G.D Anderson.  We live in a nation filed with different
people that have different personalities, are from different cultures, and have
different skin tones but we were all created equally. We all deserve the same
amount of rights as another. Many women of different race and women of color
being recognize for their experiences is multi-racial feminist. The text
states, “For example, an African-American woman faces a completely different
set of challenges than an Asian-American woman; while both women’s fears are
equal in significance to the progression toward equality, our movement fails to
acknowledge the diversity of hardships and their necessity for flexible,
variable solutions.” (  This evidence explains that even though there
are women of different races, they all are fighting for equality of the same
rights. Society is failing to recognize them individually but when they all
come together they are more powerful than ever. They form a unity in trying to
accomplish what they want and what they stand for.


             Critical Race Feminist Theory
portrays the crossing point of law, race, and power. The theory is to make sure
that women’s viewpoints on what they want will never be ignored. The life of
colored women and their historical experiences are driven by a history of
events such as racism and a lot more. The text states, “It critiques
traditional feminists who constructed race as one category, assumed women’s
experiences were universal, ignored individual experiences of women, and did
not look at the interconnection of racism and sexism.” ( This evidence explains that the critical
theory has enhanced black feminists. It has mostly fix some of the failures or
point out some things that weren’t noticed and made them known. However



        The argument in which black women and their
experiences are not understood. Knowing black feminism individually from
feminism can then help realize the difference and similarities of both. As
black women the experience can be rougher than a white feminist. African
American culture of women have been through so much in the past years. The
contribution of slavery, imperialism, discrimination, racism, etc. all leads up
to these strong movements. It is harder for a black woman to fight for what she
feels is right without getting arrested, shot at, beaten, or judged. Not only
black women but all women are fighting for equal rights as any other individual
on this earth. Text states,” white women were not expected to work and were
expected to stay at home and take care of the kids and the house. They were
always seen as too delicate to go out and work a job. But, black women were
expected to work all day, come home and cook, then take care of the kids and
the house.” ( The evidence explains the lifestyle experience
between a black woman and a white woman. The same goes for feminism and black
feminism, the black woman weren’t being heard or recognize so they stepped out
and came to what now is known as black feminism.



         Black feminist thought summarizes as black
women ideas that come together and stand for a certain point. It is mostly the
experiences of black women and what they have in common being shared. It is to
provide information about the ways and the things black women go through as a
whole. According to research, it states, “Black feminist thought demonstrates
black women’s emerging power as agents of knowledge.” ( The evidence
explains that strong black women of color are using their knowledge to come
together and be powerful. They are fighting to make a difference for themselves
and bring about equality and rights for colored women.


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