Interpersonal were pregnant or were considering abortion for

                        Interpersonal problems: Commoninterpersonal barriers identified were: 1) Poor motivation to begin care or didnot consider prenatal care was important 23.

Certain womenbelieved that they were feeling well and they did not need prenatal care 12.2)Many women reported that they were unaware of the fact that they were pregnantor were considering abortion for an unintended pregnancy 12. Lackof pregnancy planning and unaware of the fact were important issues for themajority of women 22. 3)Were afraid of disclosing their pregnancy to others because they wereembarrassed of the unplanned pregnancy especially in adolescents 12.

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4) Were depressed, stressed, tired or unhappy with the pregnancy 23.5)Had a negative experience with the health care provider in the past or becauseof cultural beliefs 12. Among certain cultures, pregnancy isconsidered as a healthy condition and does not require medical treatment or aphysician’s advice 20.

6) Suffers from depression orother mental health issues 23.7) Busy work schedule which affectsgetting to or keeping appointments 12. Not having access to sourceof communication and not knowing where to go for care was reported as a barrierfor not seeking timely prenatal care 24. 8) Did not have supportfrom their partner 12. Many women reported that relationshipproblems with their partner or husband caused them considerable stress 22.9)Sexual or physical abuse 12. 10) Fear of Deportation or problemswith the immigration 12.

11) Alcohol and substance abuse: fear ofjudgement and of losing custody of the baby at birth 12. Women whoabuse alcohol and drugs usually delay seeking prenatal for fear of beingreprimanded or worse and having child protective services involved 23.12)Fear of medical procedures, pelvic examination or drawing of blood causedcertain women to delay seeking care 12. People of certain ethnicgroups especially Hispanic, find it uncomfortable to talk about sexual matters 19.

13)Moving place to place, not having a permanent residence 23.14)Cost of services which includes childcare, medical fees, transportationexpenses were considered as a barrier especially for women who do not qualifyfor Medicaid 12. 


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