I a teacher assistant/chaperone. Such as arriving

I had many responsibilities and duties as a teacher assistant/chaperone. Such as arriving at the assigned school for bus and student pick-up at 8:00 a.m. assisting teachers and counselors with Daily Opening Activity, with Math and Reading as well as Arts/Folklore classes. Escorting students to and from the bathroom. Supervising students during breakfast and lunch and assisting with clean up. Being responsible for picking up and returning materials to the GEAR UP office.

Attending weekly Staff and Team meetings to discuss the past week and plan for the weeks ahead.This internship opened many doors leading to my future. This would not only help me academically and financially, but would also provide me with necessary experience in real world situations. This internship with this program, is well established and a brilliant source of knowledge. Firstly, I will be able to physically see and experience the concepts that I have learned through out my life. This provides me a chance to reflect upon what I have learned in the past.

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On the other hand, I will be able to gain some very important insights of working with seniors officials in reality. I would be able to utilize their experience as a guide to correct my mistakes and discovering more skills that might be of use in the future. Another exciting feature about this internship program is that, I will actually realize what my duties would be when I would start as an employee for a similar organization as the sponsoring company. I will learn what I shall need, and thus will be able to focus on those areas that I am weak at. Apart from that, it would also enhance my scope of getting accepted to a good school for the Masters Degree.

In my opinion I have met all of my objectives and I now have a new perspective on life.I was able to be successful in this internship because I had to utilize and develop many new skills. I used my interpersonal skills such as: coping strategies; peer relationships and effective social skills; communication, problem-solving techniques, decision-making, conflict resolution, how to work in a team, where everyone depends on each other and a lot of patience. I developed many new skills such as multitasking, problem solving/decision making, and leadership qualities. I learned that I am a role model. It is important to develop a good relationship with students; however, I must keep in mind that I am expected to behave myself in a professional manner at all times.

I also learned some of the important skills of a teacher such as: how to provide direct instructions, clarify content, teach skills and answer the students questions; help students identify their skills, abilities, and long term plans regarding education and personal problems.After I completed my internship I realized I didnt want to become a child psychologist anymore. I was put in a situation in which I had to deal with a child who was suffering from depression among other psychological problems and was considered to be suicidal. As soon as the child confessed his plans to kill himself I immediately went to the school guidance counselor and the social worker.

I then realized if I wanted to be a child psychologist I would be the one who would have to deal with these types of problems and I would have no one to turn to. This fact scared me so much that I decided to change my career. I also had to deal with a child, who had a crush on me. He would bring me flowers everyday and he told all his friends.

I know it was a harmless crush, but I honestly felt very uncomfortable whenever I was around him because I didnt know what he was thinking. All these incidents made me think twice about my future in regards to working with children.I am now debating if I should major in Business Management or Marketing. I have decided I will pursue my Bachelor degree in Pace University or St. Johns University. This internship was a wonderful experience and I am grateful I got a chance to participate in it.

I worked with some very nice people, who I


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