Internet, movies and criminal movies which makes

Internet, with no doubt, has extremely brought an impact on today’s world in different ways. Most people think that the internet has affected the society positively yet others think there is a negative effect that was brought by the internet.

First, the introduction of the internet made communication efficient, fast and more secure. With the introduction of electronic mail (email), and other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which consists of the end to end encryption security feature making the shared information between two parties remain secure.The internet has also facilitated the learning process in institutions. The internet brings together thousands of resources rich with the information that enable learners to get the answers to their unsolved problems.

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The search engine organizations such as Google and Yahoo among others are the key features. On the other hand, the internet has promoted immoral behaviors in the society. Children are introduced to the digital world quite early and thus they are bad internet trends such as pornography, horror movies and criminal movies which makes them view rape and other crimes less serious. Cyber-crimes also exists because of the internet.

Cyber-criminals are visual naughty users of internet whose main aim is to blackmail others through looting money, stealing information, erasing important information and also into an extent of cyberbullying. Concluding, one should try to use the internet for the better purpose only and if not, the internet will then tend be the greatest curse by this technological world.


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