Internet In this 21st century, Internet has

Internet is known as a powerful technology that has beencreated which has changed the world in many aspects such as communication,education, business and gaming. Furthermore, with the existence of World Wide Web (www) invented by TimBerners-Lee, the Internet has become more powerful.  In this 21st century, Internet hasbeen exponentially increased due to high demand and increase in population.  Asia is placed first followed by Europe andNorth America (internetworldstats.

com). Malaysia has approximately 24,554,255 users which is lower than SouthKorea (47,013,649 users) and The United States (286,942,362 users).  However, there are pros and cons of Internetusage to users depending on their purpose. For example, virtual communication through online social media nowadayshas become more fascinating than face to face meet up.  This situation will result in lack ofcommunication skills in real life.

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  Insummation, the Internet existence has transform human life.People are inarguably addicted to the Internet.  Based on a statistics, people spend more thaneight hours per day on average using the Internet (globalwebindex) in somecountries especially the ones that has low economic growth.  In fact, we can conclude that people nowadaysare addicted to the Internet which they are relying and spending most of thetime on regardless of countries and group age. Ivan Goldberg was the first person to establish Internet AddictionDisorder (IAD) term and used it in 1995 when writing his report (Srinivasan,2014).  According to Hasanzadeh (2012),addiction towards Internet may result in interpersonal, family, friendship andsocial relation indifference.

  He furtherexplained that students who exposed to the Internet are more acquainted withmodern technology in the university but will suffer with IAD simultaneously.Second issue of the Internet is cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying is when someone harasses orintimidates with an intention to downgrade a person by using electricdevices.

  It can also be expressed asInternet bullying.  Norulzahrah (2016)states that there are some forms of cyberbullying which are spreading rumors,posting negative comments or even, mocking other people in order to gainattention.  It is known that cyberbullyingis one of the major Internet issues that are faced by many countries.

  The effects of cyberbullying can be harmfulto the people who are relying heavily on internet.  Teenagers are the one who experiencedcyberbullying the most as they are most likely to be exposed to internet.Internet censorship has also become one of the main issuesof the Internet.  Limiting information orblocking sites that are available in the internet from the public can be bestdescribed as internet censorship.  It isdone by the government in order to prevent any harmful websites or dangerouscontents from being accessed by the public. One of the main concerns of censorship is to prohibit youngsters fromaccessing any malicious websites (Freedom on the Net, 2015).

  However, censorship also can be a flaw aspeople may not be able to fully access a website in order to acquireinformation.Identity theft may not be a common issues of theInternet.  However, the statistics ofidentity theft crime has increased in the past few years globally (Hedayati,2012).  According to Hoofnagle (2007),identity theft is best described as an individual taking another individual’spersonal information for the purpose of fraud.

 Identity theft is the first step regarding to other types of fraud.  Fraudsters either steals other peoples’information for their own use or sell the stolen identity to someone else.  Identity theft does have itsconsequences.  Illegal immigration, moneylaundering, medical fraud or terrorism usually are the crimes that related toidentity theft (Hedayati, 2012).


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