International Asia develops the bio fuel and other

International cooperation is essentialfor the infrastructure development of the nation. This is because internationalcooperation provides adequate resources and technologies for transportation,communication energy sources, sewage etc and these infrastructures enhance theproductivity and efficiency of the nation. Firstly, international cooperationhelps in exploration and utilization of energy like wind power, solar energy,hydropower, biomass energy, geothermal energy etc for the promotion of nationaldevelopment. According to Xing-gang et al (2013, p .413) cooperation of china withneighboring countries Northeast Asia and Central Asia develops the bio fuel andother clean energies through investment and technology transfer and alsoestablish the channels for dialog between central Asia and northeast Asiancountries with technology exchange. Similarly, cooperation with India andRussia increases the investment in energy and copes with the problem of energysecurity and also improves the energy consumption and promotes the renewabletechnology toward the direction of productive forces.

This evidence shows thatwith the cooperative experience china has various internal advantages whichhelp for the strong resource foundation and rapid technical development.  Chinese renewable source of energy growsquickly with the development of technology. Secondly, international cooperationhelps to blend new technologies into transportation system by formulatingdevelopment strategy. International cooperation helps to blend new technologiesfor the development of intelligent transport system of a nation. A study byWang et al (2017, p.41) illustrates that cooperation of china with Japan helpsfor the development of navigation map and ETC technology test in china.

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Similarly,china cooperates with Europe for the strategies for Eu-china ITS cooperationand strengthens road transport research cooperation. In addition to promote theChinese ITS research and development it has a lot of technical exchange withEurope, Japan, and USA. From this evidence it can be seen that chinacooperating with developed countries has became a important part in ITSdevelopment of china. To conclude, cooperation between countries plays aimportant role for the infrastructure development of a nation 


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