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Interfaces & TechnologiesMobile connectivity is omnipresent in almost everypart of modern life. An increasing number of interfaces is connecting more andmore different technologies which all have to work seamlessly together.COMPRION offers test solutions for all relevant interfaces and technologies.USIM/USATThe USIM /USAT (USIM Application Toolkit) technologydefined by 3GPP covers the STK (SIM Toolkit) functionality in 3G networks.

Theidea behind this is to enable the mobile network operators to bring value-addedservices (VAS) to existing networks and handsets. To ensure proper functioning,the protocols behind this must work smoothly. Bringing Know-How & Expertise to USIM/USAT TestingAs COMPRION has been developing test solutions for thetelecommunications ecosystem for more than 15 years, our experts know exactlythe key issues when testing these protocols. Besides, COMPRION is activelyinvolved in the relevant standardization work, so that our test solution coverall demands for reliable 3GPP handset testing validated at GCF and PTCRB. Solutions for USIM/USAT Testing with IntegratedNetwork Simulator Anritsu MD8475A Covered Network TechnologiesGSMW-CDMATD-SCDMALTE Most of the test solutions are available on twodifferent software framesDevice Test CenterIT³ Test PlatformWe recommend to choose the solutions based on theDevice Test Center as this software offers you the biggest range of testingabilities. These test cases can be executed onUT³ Platform (conformance testing)Prove 2 (pre-conformance testing)  The MostPopular Conformance Test Platform for the UICC Interface of Mobile Devices COMPRION SIMfony Family at a GlanceMost Popular Conformance Test Platform for the UICCInterface of Mobile Devices·        Based on COMPRION UICC simulators               -UT³ Platform (conformance)               -IT³ Prove! and Prove 2 (pre-conformance)·        Integrated network simulators for all 2G, 3G and LTEnetworks·        Validated at GCF and PTCRB·        Test case packages for every relevant GCF work item·        All test procedures controlled by one GUI              -Convenient test case management              -Easy-to-use log file handling·        Automated test procedures SIMfonyFamily – COMPRION’s fast, reliable, and easy-to-use Pre-Conformance andConformance Test System for Mobile Devices In mobile communication the UICC plays a central rolebecause it offers a secure way to authenticate mobile devices to the network.As the complexity of new mobile devices in combination with the UICC and new networktechnologies is growing, testing the UICC interface is essential prior tomarket introduction. To secure interoperability, GCF/PTCRB have defined rulesfor conformance tests for manufacturers to ensure that the latest smartphones,handsets and mobile devices work correctly with the UICC.

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Besides, large mobilenetwork operators like Verizon have issued their own testing standards fordevice compliance within their network. The purpose of all these tests is toprove conformance and to guarantee the proper functioning of devices in thefield. This consequently improves user experience and avoids high follow-upcosts.  How doesCOMPRION address the growing diversity in mobile device testing? COMPRION SIMfony – our solution for combined mobiledevice testing – enables you to test the UICC interface of the device under real-lifeconditions in a lab environment. Our out-of-the-box-solution covers allrequirements of GCF/PTCRB. Our customer-specific solutions – as the one forVerizon Wireless covers additional requirements.As most of these tests involve a network simulator,COMPRION ensures that the most popular network simulators are integratedsmoothly in the SIMfony setup. The complete SIMfony solution consists of a networksimulator and a COMPRION UICC simulator.

COMPRION’s UICC simulator (UT³ Platform oralternatively IT³ Prove! or Prove 2) is the central element of the combinedmobile device test ensemble. The network simulator is controlled by theCOMPRION test tool.Which One to Use? Depending on the purpose, you can use UT³ Platform forconformance testing, whereas IT Prove! and Prove 2 are the best choice fordevelopment and pre-conformance testing. ConformanceTesting PlatformsUT³Platform·        Validated conformance test platform·        Registered at GCF and PTCRB for (U) SIM and (U) SATtesting according to ETSI/3GPP standards for certification and many more. Pre-Conformance& Development Testing PlatformsIT³ Prove! ORProve 2·        Cover the same complete range of (U)SIM and (U)SATtests as the UT³ Platform·        Cost-effective pre-conformance testingCOMPRION SIMfony can be used for two types of tests:Tests without a network simulator, so-called stand-alone tests and those thatneed a network simulator, known as combined tests. For combined tests, thefollowing networks simulators for GSM, W-CDMA, CDMA2000, and LTE networks canbe integrated. The network requirements for specific tests will need to betaken into account when choosing the appropriate network simulator. OurCOMPRION SIMfony Family Portrait – Combined Mobile Device Testing for AllNetwork Technologies   Conformance Pre-conformance COMPRION SIMfony Product UT³ Platform IT³ Prove! Prove 2 COMPRION SIMfony MD8475A ·         GSM (2G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) ·         GSM (2G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) ·         GSM (2G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) COMPRION SIMfony LTE CMW500 (Rohde&Schwarz CMW500) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         LTE (4G) COMPRION SIMfony CDMA 2000 (Spirent AirAccess C2K) CDMA2000 (3G) CDMA2000 (3G) —– COMPRION SIMfony (MD8470A) ·         GSM (2G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) ·         GSM (2G) ·         W-CDMA (3G) —– SIMfony –Test Case Packages for Every Requirement SIMfony covers the following GCF Work Items/PTCRB RFTscontained in the listed test cases   GCF-WI PTCRB-RFT Test Cases LTE 125 85, 104 3GPP TS 31.

121 USIM LTE 137, 230 92, 102 3GPP TS 31.124 USAT LTE W-CDMA 10, 13, 158, 160 29 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM 35, 104, 230 58, 83, 92 3GPP TS 31.124 USAT 10, 160 29 ETSI TS 102 230 UICC CDMA2000             3GPP2 C.S0101 CSIM 3GPP2 C.

S0060 CSIM OTA 3GPP2 C.S0106 CCAT CCF CSIM Test Plan specific Open Market Handset (OMH) according to OMH test plan CDG 183-A GSM 5, 10 000 3GPP TS 51.010-1 SIM 8 8 3GPP TS 51.010-4 GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book 176, 197, 214, 249 123 GSMA TS.27 BIP TB  SIMfony also offers test cases in accordance withnetwork operator requirements Network Operator Network Technology Compliance Test Plans Verizon Wireless LTE VZW LTE Device-UICC (USIM/ISIM) Interaction (incl. IMS tests) VZW LTE Device-SIM Application Interaction (OTA) VZW LTE Multi-Mode Smartphone-UICC Interaction (OTA) CDMA2000 VZW LTE Device-UICC (CSIM/CCAT) Interaction  What ElseDoes SIMfony Offer? EasyTesting with a Convenient User Interface (UI)The whole test setup is synchronized and controlled bythe respective COMPRION UICC simulation tool.

If you work with UT³ Platform orProve 2, you are able to handle test plan management, monitoring, and test resultanalysis with the convenient UI of the all-in-one testing software Device Test Center.If your SIMfony setup is arranged around the IT³ Prove!, you interact with thefamiliar UI of the IT³ Prove! during monitoring, test case execution, andresult analysis.User-FriendlyTest Case ManagementThe integrated Test Case Manager offers a convenient userinterface to configure the PICS/PIXIT parameters of the device under test. Withthe optional Test Case Manager Pro, it is possible to configure the parameters onthe network side and identify tests which are relevant for the device undertest. Hence, a test plan is created that includes only those test cases that areactually applicable to your testing requirements.

ConvenientLog File HandlingThe verdicts produced by the network simulator aremerged with the UICC simulator verdicts which results in an overall testverdict. The network simulator log files can be viewed right on the COMPRION testsystem.EfficientWorking in Batch ModeCOMPRION SIMfony offers the possibility to run all stand-aloneand combined tests in batch mode. The operator only has to select the desiredtest cases and start the batch run. Automate Your Mobile Device Testing How to SaveTime & MoneyIn today’s fast moving world reducing the time-to-market for mobile devices is a crucial competitive factor. However,comprehensive mobile device testing is labor-and cost-intensive.

COMPRIONterminal automation helps you to get rid of manual interaction like poweron/off or messages that have to be read from the display. This frees yourtesting team to focus on what they do best: analyzing the results.WithoutCOMPRION SIMfonySmart card simulator, network simulator and the deviceunder test have to be operated manually.WithCOMPRION SIMfonyThe operator only needs to interact with the smartcard simulator, and the device under test.WithCOMPRION SIMfony and Additional Device AutomationThe operator only needs to start the test(s).The core of the automation system is COMPRION TerminalAutomation Provider (TAP).

This software can be installed either on the testplatform itself or on any host PC dedicated to run the control software of thedevice under test. With COMPRION TAP, you need to adapt your equipment only once.Then, you can easily execute COMPRION SIMfony tests whether combined orstand-alone in full automation mode over and over again. This is especiallyuseful for regression testing. The additional benefit of this concept is thatthe complete test case maintenance is handled just by COMPRION’s terminalautomation solution.Work withthe Remote InterfaceTo ease the control of the test setup, you can use theRemote Interface. Combined with the COMPRION Terminal Automation, you can run regressiontests of all GCF/CCF/PTCRB-relevant tests fully automated overnight.

Integrationinto an Existing Test Case Management SystemIf you use your own test management system, COMPRIONSIMfony can be integrated via the Remote Interface. In that event, your testcase management system only has to start the tests and manage the results.Combing the Remote Interface and TAP gives you a fully automated testingexperience.ErrorDebuggingCOMPRION SIMfony offers the same tried and testeddebugging information featured in our other products also in terminalautomation mode.COMPRIONTerminal Automation – Typical Use Cases·        Regression tests·        Overnight tests·        GCF/PTCRB-relevant use casesCOMPRIONTerminal Automation – Key Benefits at a Glance·        Saves time by speeding up testing – especially useful forfrequent regression tests·        Efficient batch mode processing·        No handling errors·        Highly reliable and repeatable results 


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