Social do not get along effortlessly. Generally though,

Social interaction problems often affect all societies, big or small. Even in somewhat secluded and sparsely populated regions, they will experience challenges related to social interactions. The reason for this is because of the fact that every member of certain society staying near each other will have disagreements.

It is almost impracticable to evade them and some people who stay together in the same building or house often do not get along effortlessly. Generally though, if social interaction challenges are talked about, they are likely to denote the problems which affect people staying together in a certain society (Mooney 14).

In United States, some major social interaction problems comprises the increasing gap between rich and poor, joblessness, racism, family violence, and so forth. At times social problems come up when individuals have different views regarding how to solve particular situations such as unexpected pregnancy (Sherif and Brannigan 118). Some people may appear to support abortion to solve the issue, while other members of the society are in apposition to the idea. Different views on how to solve issues generate gaps in social groups.

A perfect example which portrays social interaction is the youths in United States where indeed is reprehensible. United States is renowned as the supporter of expression yet they do not allow youths from expressing themselves by stating that what they will suggest is lewd or degenerated.

United States, which practices diversity and tolerance, has set up some equal and prejudicial set of rules for young citizens which if they defy them they will end up getting punished. Some matters may be noted as a subject of social interaction failure. Hip hop culture, drug misuse, abortion, and gay marriages are some social elements which lag the country from being capable of incorporating and efficiently have Social Interaction with the young citizens (Mooney 14).

However, it is the liability of all members of the society, provided their maturity and knowledge, to appreciate the young people. Rather than continuous disapproval and ridicule, they should permit them to incorporate in their own manner in the social system.

It is also significant that social challenges influence the interaction with communities which can result in international issues or problems. The way in which U.S. are handling the issues of developing country can have impact on the relationship with that country and other countries in the world for years to come (Sherif and Brannigan 118). Although the United States had a great support of creating a Jewish State in Israel, its support generated a huge relationship gaps with some Arabic countries.

Autism is not a particular disorder but a compound set of behaviors which normally surface around age two. Children experiencing autism usually have social interaction challenges and undertake recurring, apparently obsessive routines. In United States, studies carried out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that around 1 in 100 kids are with Autism, which is far above formerly thought (Sherif and Brannigan 118).

The very state of social interaction problems proposes that the community is the problem itself. There is no country which has created a perfect society where all can freely express themselves and where no social challenges exist. The people themselves are the blockade for this change and as many state that perfection may not be attainable goal.

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