Intel’s know today as Silicon Valley located in

Intel’s cofounder, Gordon Moore, has made many contributions to hardware embedded inside of computer chips as well as his theories about the computer chip’s future. Not only was he a cofounder of the biggest chip manufacturer but he was also a CEO, president, and writer. Although, before becoming a big deal in electronics industry he became very fond of chemistry in which he enjoy spending time making explosion using a chemistry set which he later decided to pursue to get a bachelor’s degree and then later on a doctorate in physical chemistry (SceienceHistory). Later on, he decided to get involved in technology making computer parts that requires knowledge of metals, which he had.

He landed a job at Shokley Semiconductor where he did a lot of work with silicon. Here they made transistors and semiconductors that were put in devices as well as performing other procedures such as doping. That very company, thanks to Moore, sparked the start of what we all know today as Silicon Valley located in California. Although, Gordon and others were not in favor of the conditions there such as the lack of proper management. About a year passed and something unexpected happened.

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Him and seven other intelligent individuals, known as the “Traitorous eight” (, left Shokley to form their own company known as Fairchild Semiconductors.


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