Inside Snowflake is the solution for storing and

Inside SnowflakeBuilt for the cloudSnowflake, a data warehouse built in consideration with the cloud. It is a single system which provides the solution to all the struggles: Performance yet affordable, simplicity with concurrency and what not?Stores and handles diversified dataWith emerging technologies, the complexity of data keeps on evolving. Therefore, a solution needs to be developed which support all types of data. Traditional data warehouses are designed for the simpler data which has proven unwavering for today’s business data. Snowflake is the solution for storing and processing diversified data without putting flexibility and performance in jeopardy.High Processing SpeedGround up from the cloud to deliver high-speed analytic processing with optimized loading, computing query for big data.

“With Snowflake’s speed, we can explore this information map at the speed of thought, and move from data, to information, to a decision, 10 times faster,” said Chris Frederick, Business Intelligence Manager University of Notre Dame.Self-managing systemSnowflake follows zero-management policies as there is no hardware or software to be taken care off. It supports all types of data and excels in performance.

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Highly suitable as it allows users to focus on getting value from the data rather than dwindling efforts in infrastructure and management.Fully ConcurrentPerformance remains unaffected with huge numbers of users access same data leads to seamless sharing of data.Pay your usageYou need to pay only for your usage which cost fractional to the traditional data warehousing systems.

Elastic to your demandSnowflake built-in cloud, therefore, is very elastic to the capacity up-downs still no compromise with performance.Snowflake ArchitectureSnowflake data warehouse is fully relational standard SQL, follows ACID transactional integrity. It is a single system which offers all the computations, storage and services at a single platform.StorageSnowflake uses cloud storage i.e.

, Amazon S3. All the data, tables and queries are stored in this storage layer.Since this layer is designed such that it remains un-impacted of computing resources, therefore, leads to excellent processing capabilities with maximum elasticity, performance, and scalability.Concepts of micro-partitions are used to achieve data security.ComputeCompute is the strength of Snowflake. Snowflake uses virtual warehouse i.e.

one or more clusters of computation resources to provide maximum speed and efficiency.Virtual warehouses play a vital role in achieving transactional integrity with the help of service layer which maintains transactional states within itself.ServiceIt is the brain of Snowflake. Service layers take care of session authentication of users, the compilation of queries; impose security functions on all the transactions.

Transactional states are preserved inside this layerIt helps in encryption and security of all the queries and metadata. 


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