INPUT of use while retaining the privacy.

INPUT DESIGNThe link responsible for communicating between the info system and user is formed by the input design.

It consists of acquiring requirements and effective measures of data formulation and the steps that are required to put operation data into a functioning form for processing can be attained by revising the computer to interpret data from a inscribed or published document or it can arise by taking people entering the data straight into the scheme. The plan of input emphases on monitoring the magnitude of input necessary, supervising the faults, evading delay, providing extra steps and making the process simple. The input is formulated in such a fashion such that it delivers security and comfort of use while retaining the privacy. While formulating the input design following factors are to be considered:? What kind of data qualifies to be given as input?? The data is to be coded or rearranged?? The user interface which will guide the user for input.? Formulating plans for validating inputs and cases for errors.OBJECTIVES1.

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Input Design consists of methods which is responsible for conversion of user described format of input into a computer based system. It is important as it avoids errors during the input of data. 2.

We formulate the design by creating a easy to use graphical user interface for entering the input. Our main goal is to create a easier environment for data entry and avoid errors. The user interface is designed in such a way so that the data modifications can be easily performed.

3. Upon entering the data the validation of input takes place which is done by the help of the user interface.OUTPUT DESIGNMeeting the user requirements and representing them in a clear manner is one of the key aspect of the output design. The output provides a way of communication irrelevant to the system used as the user is provided with a source of information. 1. Organizing methods for formulating the output design.

2. Hand picking approaches for representing information.3.

Generate document, information, or other layouts that contain information produced by the scheme.The output scheme should fulfill one or more of the following criteria:? Express data about the recent activities.? Keep track of important events.? Invoking of action.? Authorize an activity.


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