Innocent standpoint. Innocent donates 10% of profits to

Innocent Ltd is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company operating globally producing and distributing various juices and smoothies to 15 countries (Marketline).
Their company strategy operates from a strong ethical and sustainable standpoint. Innocent donates 10% of profits to ‘The Innocent Foundation’ which funds NGO’s in the companies the fruit is sourced, and heavy recycling and waste disposal initiatives are enforced throughout the company (Innocent).
Innocent operate in an annual revenue in excess of £200 million. Sales and growth strategy for the company is concerned with increasing distribution and sales networks both locally and internationally (Marketline).
Innocent operate in the soft drinks industry for which Coca-Cola currently boast as 42% share in according to IBIS world report (Ibis). Soft drinks consumption currently occupies a market share of 46.8% within the non-alcoholic drink industry worth $367.1bn in 2009. Since, the market has decelerated slightly reflecting the stagnation of market prices (data monitor). In the UK market alone, Innocent are currently market leaders within the UK with 80 percent market share of the smoothie industry (B).
The industry is highly competitive between existing industry giant rivals such as Pepsi that manufacture ‘Tropicana’ juices and the ‘Naked Juice Co.’ Applying Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ model to the industry determines intense competition arises from existing players within the market (UK essays). This is mainly due to the threat of substitutes being high paired with immense variation of product offerings to increasingly price sensitive consumers with no switching cost.
Companies have therefore been forced by the industry to diversify product offerings looking towards soft drink flavours including more health-conscious options (Murray, 2006). Another reason to diversify to reduced sugar drinks is the sugar Levey implemented by the UK government in April 2018 (Gov).


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