Inferno then discovers a biohazard cylinder sewn

Inferno is Dan Brown’s fourth book in his Robert Langdon’s series “Angels and Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, and “The Lost Symbol”.

It is inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”. It is a mystery thriller novel. It is not just a book but also an eye-opener. This novel will blow your mind in unraveling the mysteries. Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon wakes up with amnesia in the city of Florence having no idea how he came to be in Italy or why a frightening spiky-haired female assassin is trying to kill him.

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He has to know the meaning of his visions that keeps on telling him to seek and find. Langdon then discovers a biohazard cylinder sewn into his trusty Harris Tweed jacket that projects an image of a digitally altered version of one of Botticelli’s illustrations for The Divine Comedy. Robert must hurry in seeking the answers in riddles and mysteries before the world will be infected by the plague which is believed ti have been created by Bertrand Zobrist. The most interesting part of the book for me is when it discussed Zobrist’s view of overpopulation. Zobrist may appear as the villain but his perception of overpopulation can open one’s eyes regarding the issue. He mentioned that overpopulation can affect the very soul of man.

“Under the stress of it, those who have never considered stealing will become thieves just to feed their families”. And they are in the brink of spiritual collapse which is very timely relevant in our today’s society. There are thieves today who would steal and even kill just to provide their needs and even the young ones are doing that. There are people who commit different crimes just to survive.

Overpopulation may also be the reason for the shortage and scarcity of our natural resources. I also liked how Langdon used his intelligence to discover the clues specially the “Cer Catrova” which is written in Vasari’s fresco. Lastly, I can’t forget when Langdon has to wear Sienna’s wig as a disguise.

Although it’s uncomfortable for him, he still managed to wear it. I highly recommend this book for everyone. I am not fond of this genre but it was really fascinating.

I was glued to it because every chapter is interesting. I did not expect that this book will get my attention. Dan Brown has an expert ability in creating this book. This story is well written. It’ll captivate your attention in solving the mystery and it will open your mind in the social issue in this story


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