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Industry SegmentsJha’naee styles will be targeting three diverse groups of customers such as mens, womens, young teens and little kids.

The males will a targeted for the most convenient  and quickest service. Most males tend to all have short hair so they require haircuts often. Mens occasionally get their hair cut once every two weeks and always need someone they can depend on because they might get in a situation where their barber is unavailable and that where Jha’naee fall in play. Jha’naee styles will cater to males evening and night hours, no appointment necessary.Females prefers to go to a high-end salon, but everyone can’t afford a luxury salon. For this reason Jhan’naee Styles will provide the same quality styling, without the expensive pricing as well as with quality weave prices.

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We will target these customers the best up-to-date styling that Jha’naee can offer.Jha’naee Styles will also target young teen and little kids. For the little kids we will offer kids toys they can play with while they wait to receive service from one of our child friendly stylist. Styling little kids should be more quicker than young teens because it’s not much with them we either style with ponytails or braids with natural hair. Young teen usually require braiding styles so I will have stylist with excellent braiding and plaiting techniques. Braiding hair will be included in the salon so parents wouldn’t have to worry about which brand we will need it will just be on hand. Young teens and kids will receive special pricing  reflecting the fact that kids hair grow so fast that it can be so expensive to keep up with.

With braiding and plaiting it will last long because they won’t get old as quick as a child hair would so with the young teens, they’ll need a touch up every month or so and it won’t be expensive.Opportunities and Threats in the IndustryOpportunities:Local business partnershipsMale barbering and groomingPeople referred from previous clientsGood internet opportunitiesStrong market growthThreats:Discounting by competitorsNew salons opening in areaNot having the best stylists and techniquesSocial media marketplaceOverall trends and Outlooks for the industryOur outlooks for the industry is to satisfy our customers with our best marketing tools. When customers leave our business with a new look, they broadcast our names and quality to the public. Most of our clients will be referrals from our existing customers.

No major advertising are anticipated. We would advertise our salon from word of mouth because  its the best advertising for this type of business, I would rather for my work to show itself. We will also ask customers for referrals, and reward them with discounted or free services depending on the number of clients they bring.Target Market and Consumers DemographicsOur target market will be divided by salon customers and customers who wants nail services. All salon customers will be from every age and gender and race ; however, since the salon and the nail service will be in complete affiliation with each other, we expect that the nail market segment will greatly affect the salon market segment. Our target market will be males and females from ages 8 and up.The Company’s Competitive Advantages and their impacts on its success    Jha’naee Styles want to set itself apart from other beauty salons that might offer one or types of services. I feel that at times customers get irritated because they get their hair done at one place and go to another to get their nails done.

Although Jha’naee styles focus more on the hair service, we do offer customers the convenience of other services in our one location. For those who choose to come to Jha’naee, our atmosphere will be a relaxing environment for those who are in need and want to kickback and be pampered. Soft drinks will be served to customers  as they enter and assigned to their destination. we will also have television located every section of the salon for those who wants to watch and catch up on the latest shows. Our competitive advantage  is wide open and will give the opportunity to serve a large population base but there are numerous of salons like Jha’naee Styles, all around the Orlando area to receive luxury and superior service and they mostly cost a fortune. We do not intend on competing with other beauty and nail salons, we just wish to offer a reasonably cost services for the customers who can’t quite afford the high-end luxury salons.


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