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Indonesia market also is recognizedas the most important emerging markets to be discussed regarding the role ofthe board of directors. It has been suggested by D. Sundarasen, et al.

(2016),that board of directors are authorized aswell as responsible for the effective management of the organization for theaspect of interest meeting as well as meeting the objectives of theorganization by representing the organization from inside and also from outsidein the competitive market. Under the company law, the roles andresponsibilities of the board of directors in Indonesia market have been highlighted as below:·        Delivering an annualreport along with the financial statement of the organization after theexamination of the report by the board of commissioners in the general meetingof the company shareholders within the first 6 months of the completion of thefinancial year of the organization. ·        Board of directorsalso is liable to plan an effective planof business. They are also responsible to submit the development business planto the board of commissioners so that the board of commissioners will be able to approve the business plan to beexecuted (D. Sundarasen, et al., 2016).

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·        Board of directorsalso is about to prepare as well asmaintain the register of shareholders of the organization holding the requiredinformation on the company ownership in the organization itself containing theeffective board of members. ·        They are also liableto archive the solution for the group of the shareholders and also for theboard of the directors of the company along with the group of board ofcommissioners of the organization.·        Another responsibilityof the board of directors is to obtain the required approval from shareholders general meeting in order totransfer more than 50 percent of their assets tothe organization for some transactional purpose. ·        Board of directors is liable to hold a general meeting of theshareholders in two forms wither as annually or in extraordinary form as calledby the shareholders based on the urgentrequirement of the organization (D.

Sundarasen, et al., 2016). ·        It is also the duty ofthe board of directors to make know the law minister and any change of human rightsto the composition of the commissioners as well as the board of directors withinthe limit of 30 days from the date of resolution in general meeting of theshareholders of the organization based on the change in organisation elementsof decision making approach.·        The board of directorsalso are liable to record any type of share transfer in the company and makealert to MLHR (ministry of law and human rights) regarding the change in a number of shares of the shareholders withinthe 30 days of the share transfer occurrence in the organization. Thus, properinformation flow is perfectly balanced by the board of directors in Indonesiaemerging market effectively (D. Sundarasen, et al., 2016).·        The Indonesiaorganization board of directors also is closely responsible to alert thecreditors of the organization in case there will be any reduction in thecapital amount of the organization within the last 7 days of resolutionoffering in general meeting through the article publish in any of the newspaper(Darmadi, 2013)


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