India crafts, craftsmanship and heritage is the best

India has been considered as a place of inscrutability since from ancient time, where Culture, Craft & Heritage represents India boldly. Indian culture differs with its context so it’s most diversified country in world and hence from time to time thinker has tried to retell mankind not to lose the essence of life which Indians called Rasa. Craft is the one part of Indian culture which greatly contributes in economy. Indian ancient monuments and temples are part of Indian heritage and religion. These religious places attract a huge number of pilgrims from every part of world.

To get familiar with the culture, customs and conventions, language and mode of living of local people, tourism plays major role. Tourism is a big part of Indian economy. There are different kinds of tourism like eco-tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrim tourism, medical tourism, wild life tourism.

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And hence tourism unties their mind and help the people to support the bond of friendship, global indulgent and collaboration. Tourism is one of the main foreign exchange to earners and contributes to the economy indirectly through its connotation with other sector like handicrafts, agriculture etc.  There is a possibility in future that craft and craft people will be a brand ambassador of Indian tourism because tourist visits Indian to experience its rich culture. And craft is the main ingredient of culture which represents the different local communities, there traditions, there contextual practices with regarding to crafts.

As we are adopting with outer contemporary world, while on other hand we are losing the essence of our culture & roots. Promoting and preserving crafts, craftsmanship and heritage is the best way to preserve our culture and roots to its context. People and NGO’s started taking step ahead by adopting villages which are enrich with cultural and its heritage and converting them into a tourist attraction which ultimately provides revenue capitals to locals. Basically from these villages they are trying to promote local habitat, crafts, craftsmanship, art and heritage by giving living experience to visitors. There are other ways too of promoting crafts by planning art and craft tours or walk in heritage cities of India, designing living museums. So if tourism sector divert their focus on adopting villages and converting them into heritage or culture village it will become an identity of tourism in next few years.

And it will help locals to grow their incomes and promote craft practices. So in both way it will provide employment to craft peoples, communities and also helps to promote and preserve Indian culture. 


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