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In recent years more and more interesting features have been into the Android Community and one of this includes the Google Assistant, sadly this Google Assistant feature on Android only available to mobile devices operation on Android Marshmallow and higher.This post discusses two methods of installing the Google Assistant on Android mobile devices operating on Lollipop. Google Assistant for Lollipop devices Installation GuideMETHOD 1 – Using Activity Launcher AppThis method works by accessing a hidden but accessible feature which can be found in all android devices labelled as “com.

opa.hq.OpaHqActivity”  in your device’s list of Google App activities, using softwares like Activity Launcher or Activities (downloadable from Google Play store)Step 1: Download and install the Activity Launcher AppStep 2: Open the app and click on the”recent activities” option, then all activities will be listed outStep 3: Find and click on Google App in the list to reveal more options.Step 4: Find and click “

gsa.staticplugins.opa.hq.OpaHqActivity” in the listStep 5: The New Assistant “Explore” screen will be displayed. It contains available Google integrations in different categories, as well few tips concerning each item.

You can also create shortcuts for each selected item in your Launchers home screen. Step 6: Swipe screen to the position where you see “Your Stuff” in top menu.Step 7: CLICK on “Add reminder” to activate Google Assistant.Step 8: You will prompted to register your VOICE MODULE automatically, otherwise do it manually and set so language preferences to “English US”.Step 9: Finally everything is ready. You can launch Google Assistant app by saying the command “OK Google”, followed by a question, request or command.METHOD 2 – Using Google Assistant Beta VersionThis method is quite simple and it uses the Beta Version of the app to get the job done. Follow each step just as I have listed below and you’ll end up with a working Google Assistant on you Android Lollipop device.

Step 1: Click HERE to apply for the Google App BETA program.Step 2: After applying, download the Google app BETA version v7.3 *x86 * or *ARM 64*. (Choose based on your phone’s professor type)Step 3: install the downloaded app from your download location.Step 4: Launch the Google Assistant app and the “configuring your device” message will show up.

Just give it some time to initiate, eventually you will get two error messages. Just ignore them and head on to settings and choose English US as your Language and other preferences as English US.Step 5: At this time you will likely get the prompting saying “Google Assistant has stopped working”, don’t panic but simply reopen the app, It should work well this time. Manually register your “voice module” in the settings. Step 6: Head over to PLAY STORE and update Google App. This isn’t going to affect Google Assistant’s functionality once it’s fully set up.

Step 7: Now you can explore the numerous feature of Google Assistant.PLEASE NOTE: That registering your voice module in Google Assistant will replace Google now feature on your device, but this shouldn’t be a problem since you can use Google Now via the app when you tap the Mic icon.BENEFITS OF THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT If you’re still wondering what benefits the Google Assistant, or what its uses are, here are a few you might want to try out.You can ask Google Assistant very direct questions and give simple commands such as: “… turn on the living room lights””..

. will it rain today?””…

take me to the United States white house””… play – “Dont leave me here” by Keb’ Mo””..

. set a reminder for my flight at 12:00 pm tomorrow”


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