In new york as The Punisher. Using

In the old days, Frank Castle’s name used to be Francis Castiglione, being born in queens to immigrants. He joined in the Marine Corps, becoming a captain during his time there and marrying a woman named maria, who was pregnant with their first child already.

He had met a Scout who was American Indian while in the corps, and had been trained, along with surviving in the wilderness as well. He had also served in the vietnam War, in the position as point-man in a Spec Ops Unit, yet his overseers would put him in places where they wanted him to die since they disliked him. He had met a man named Linus Lieberman, who would become microchip, aiding frank castle as punisher, and frank, at the time, was running a recruiting office due to a friend’s work in a black market, had denied linus due to a few problems, mostly being his flat feet, and his weight.

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Frank had been a astonishing fighter, being an only survivor from both sides of the assault, and for his heroism, he was awarded several badges, including the medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Star and Bronze Star 3 times, Purple Heart with 4, and Presidential Medal of Freedom. He had a second baby with his wife maria when coming back after his 2nd Tour from the Vietnam. He had served 4 years in the war, going under an alias “Frank Castle” illegally, and had operated a few Spec Black Ops Training for Recon Commandos. A day when it was supposed to be normal, frank had taken his family out on a picnic, where a mob had killed someone near them, and since they had witnessed this, they were gunned down and escaping in the process.

Frank, who had survived, had been traumitized by it, and couldn’t testify since the Police were with the Mafia as well, refusing to go back to being a marine. Frank had vowed to avenge his family, using his artiliery of weapons that were state-of-the-art, he had went against crime in new york as The Punisher. Using his tactical and weaponry skills, he waged as a one-man war, and to track down who had killed his family.

During then, he had met Spider-Man, who he at first thought was a crook twice, yet they had became allies. They teamed up when Moses Magnum was kidnapping citizens, testing his toxic gas on them. They successfully stopped him, yet magnum was nearly killed. He had Teamed with Nightcrawler to stop Jigsaw, who tried framing frank on people who were killed. Suprisingly, he met captain america as well, yet they did fight due to frank’s brutal way on crime, and had escaped after defeating mobsters and arresting them. Frank had killed a swami, and spider-man trying to stop him, yet finding out it was a assassin, leading to Doctor Octopus, a Spider-Man Villain, poisoning new york, with frank getting a dose of it and had fought spider-man until he found a cure for him and left him on a pier, going after Doctor Octopus himself.

Frank was arrested when found, and was sent to Ryker’s Island Prison. Whenever he was attacked, however, he had killed them, which was regularly, and had somehow continued his war on crime. When he was busted out of prison to be used in a experiment involving narcotics, he had killed the dealers, and went to track down the drug dealers.

While investigating the dealers using children in their experiments, he was confronted by daredevil, trying to bring him in legally, and was enraged due to his methods of dealing with them. Frank had tranquilized daredevil since he was “innocent” instead of shooting him, continuing to go after the drug lord, yet he was already arrested and defended by law firm Nelson and Murdock, obviously, Matt Murdock is Daredevil, so he knew about the drug lord killing his partner due to his pacemaker and matt’s senses. Anyways, Frank and Matt went and taken down the drug lord, yet Matt shot him, taking frank to prison again. Frank had been locked in Dannemora State Prison, and had teamed with inmate Boomerang, on escaping the place, yet it was successful, he had betrayed him and knocked boomerang into a group of guards and escaped himself, going after the kingpin , yet he was crazy due to being drugged in prison.

He had attacked his Headquarters, and had fought kingpin. When Threatening Vanessa Fisk, Fisk had been enraged, beating Frank to near death, yet leaving him alive and frank escaping. When he was put in jail once again, and while they discussed what they should do with him, they thought about putting him into a Mental Hospital due to the death of his family impacting him deeply, with frank lashing out on them and had a breakdown, then being sent to a psycho facility. In his Netflix show “Marvel’s The Punisher”, his name was originally Frank Castle, and was a trouble-maker, joining the marines when he was 18, working in Iraq and Afghan. He had became a Scout Sniper, and joined the Force Recons, befriending Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle, who is handicapped due to his leg being blown off since frank couldn’t shoot a bomber who was pregnant, quoting that it reminded him of maria.. When going back to fighting with Billy, they both joined a Squad known as Cerberus.

Their Commander was called Agent Orange, and they had done raids, kidnapping, interrogating, and then killing targets under order. Frank, not knowing it was under wraps to Congress, was apart of Agent Orange’s Little Project, and had executed a police officer, who knew about what they were doing was illegal. During a ambush, many of their men were dead, and, frank had fought the attackers himself, risking his life. After it, though, Frank wanted to kill Agent Orange, by punching him so hard that his eye was injured badly, blinding it, and wanting him dead. With billy pulling him off and telling frank to join him in his leave, he served one more time before returning, and when returning, was a tearful moment, finally seeing his family again. When taking his family through central park, they were gunned down when ending up in a gun fight from a 3-way mob fight.

Luckily, he survived, and was enraged due to them.


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