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In our modern lives nowadays, due to climate,dust from the environment and diseases, many people are now facing with healthissues and infectious diseases. Many proponents say that vaccination is safeand one of the greatest advance science prevention health developments in the 20thcentury. However, there were many different arguments between its benefits anddisadvantages about this helpful prevention method. Nevertheless, due to manyarguments and evidence for patient’s cases of prevention from Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) or in anypractical health issues, vaccines were invented to prevent illnesses andinfectious diseases because the effective means and benefits are far greater.

First of all, the vaccine is an amount ofmedicine mixed with different ingredients such as antibodies or small pathogenorganisms in different uses for diseases. The role of a vaccine is to bring thatamount from an injection into our bodies for “good health”, and used to createhealthy, active immunity for the body’s resistance. There are many ways to usethis “magic prevention” into the patient’s body. For instance, the original andclassic way to use for vaccines are given by an injection, however, due tomodern technological advances in this century, some cases people can “delivery”the amount of vaccine directly into our mouth or by nasal spray. To bespecific, there are few diseases people can apply for oral vaccines likerotavirus or polio.

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Nevertheless, by entering the number of pathogens throughoral route may cause the alive-weakened virus to be active again in our bodies.By taken orally, there are just small quantities of pathogens or medicines butthey can go into our bodies and absorbed quickly as they can. However, orallyvaccine is not useful enough for the patient because not all vaccines are canbe directly oral and most can be injectable. Going to the nasal spray, it isonly used to replace flu shots and it’s made from weakened flu vaccines.

Theinstruction for using nasal spray is completely easy, the doctor can spray intothe patient’s nose, the medicine can go through the nose down to him or herbody in order to protect them from flu season which can be affected easily. Inthis case, the level of protection between nasal spray and flu shots are thesame and safe enough for the patients, it’s up to each person if they want tochoose different ways to insert for flu disease. Going to infectious diseases, thiskind of disease caused by viruses or small organisms go directly and passthrough a body to create symptoms in a range of normal increase to deadly.

Somespecific infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV, malaria and yellow fever canaffect the entire body to cause many symptoms in the patients. Especially,tuberculosis is one type of the infectious diseases for respiration, everyonehas to check the tuberculosis test to know if he or she already affected bytuberculosis or not. Because BCG known as Bacillus Calmette-Guerin is a vaccinefor tuberculosis can create active immunity against this disease. Secondly, our powerful prevention method cansave many children’s lives from different kind of diseases or infection. Someserious diseases can kill thousands of children because a child’s immune systemneeds some pathogens or antibodies in vaccines to protect their bodies andhealth against natural environment, diseases or infection.

According to The AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics, it states that most childhood vaccines are 90%-99%effective in preventing disease.1″The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 732,000 American childrenwere saved from death and 322 million cases of childhood illnesses wereprevented between 1994 and 2014 due to vaccination.”2 For instance, there are some diseaseslike polio, pneumonia, varicella, meningococcal, mumps and rotavirus that arereally in need of vaccines. To be concise, polio is one type of disease caninfect person to person because the poliovirus lives in an infected personenter to the body and contact directly with the feces. Sometimes, polioviruscan infect a normal person by the small amount of liquid through coughing orsneezing. Therefore, not only children have to had vaccines to protect theirhealth but also the adults, everyone has to prepare their bodies against thispoliovirus. Because the result of poliovirus for infected people can lead toparalysis that makes some or all parts of the body can’t move.

Thirdly, vaccines are effective meanspreventing people from various diseases due to many shreds of evidence fordifferent cases of patients. “Asa consequence, WHO estimates that in 2003, 38.3 million cases and 607 000deaths were prevented by the use of pertussis vaccination”3.

“However,pertussis is still estimated to cause 295 000– 390 000 childhood deathsannually, with most deaths in countries with low immunization rates and highmortality rates. Further gains can be made by increasing coverage with threedoses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine in infancy and the provision ofbooster doses as appropriate.”4 The reason why vaccines are effectivebecause it is carefully reviewed and checked by the doctors, scientists or thehospitals before giving to the patients.

Moreover, talk about the safety of vaccinesis about what are the ingredients people are using and how they activated inour bodies against diseases. One of the most common ingredient scientists ordoctors used for the vaccine is thimerosal. This kind of element involved invaccines that contained mercury has been used for multi-dose vials for thepatients. As the term multi-dose vials infer to add more on dose in order toprevent the growth of germs or bacteria can left when a syringe needle enters avial as a vaccine is being prepared for administration. According to the Journal of Pediatric Psychology in January –February (2012) by Barile JP, Kuperminc GP, Weintraub ES, Mink JW and ThompsonWW about the study of brain function, behavior, language, coordination, andthimerosal.5 “This study assessed whether prenatalthimerosal exposure or thimerosal exposure between birth and 7 months of agewas associated with seven specific neuropsychological outcomes in children ages7-10 years.”6Afterthe investigation, the result wasn’t getting any positive connection withthimerosal that affected the function of brain or parts of body, memory,behavior or language of the children.

Accordingly, they can prove thimerosal isnot a toxin ingredient in vaccines, but merely a preservative, preventingcontamination, that has been used in vaccines for decades.7Fourthly,the important role of vaccinated people has been decreased the infection ofseveral diseases. That leads us to the understanding of herd immunity isrelated to vaccination. Herd immunity is a term represents for keeping awayinfection of diseases for both vaccinated people and people withoutimmunizations. The deeper meaning of herd immunity is when the percentage ofvaccinated people increase in a community, the decrease of infectious diseasescontact with people will go down. According to a source form the US states in2011, 49 US states did not meet the 92-94% herd immunity threshold forpertussis (whooping cough), resulting in a 2012 pertussis outbreak that sickened42,000 people and was the biggest outbreak in Washington.8 It clearlyshows that vaccines provide an appropriate amount of herd protection forindividuals who have not developed immunity. Especially, if the rate ofvaccines declined down to the accurate herd immunity, there will be widespreadof diseases outbreaks can happen to a community.

Last but notleast, leading up to vaccine-preventable diseases have not disappeared and manycases of patients are still available in different countries in the world.There are still many diseases such asrotavirus, meningitis, pertussis, tetanus, measles and many more diseasescaused thousands of people level of infection from mild to deadly whichcertainly demonstrated that vaccines are necessary prevention method forpeople’s lives. Moreover, vaccines had been destroyed smallpox and otherdiseases such as polio. “The CDC mentions that manyvaccine-preventable diseases are still in the United States and othercountries. Despite the fact that the form of polio has hugely expired thanks tovaccination, the virus still available in many special countries like Pakistanwhere there were 93 cases in 2013 and 71 in 2014 as of May 15.” 9 In contrast,with many benefits arguments of vaccination, there are still many ideas anddisagreement about this “magical prevention method” for people’s health.Although vaccines are safe for patients after injected, some cases people getmany symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in eyes or cause pain, trauma orallergic, but they are very rare in almost time. To be more serious, vaccinesare not safe which linked the patient to autism.

It is a symptom of theuncontrolled behavior of activities and way of thinking that is completelydifferent to other normal people. Autism is a really harmful symptom for peoplebecause it makes us can’t control our attitude, characterization reaction asnormal life of normal people. “As reported by a study from Journal ofToxicology and Environmental Health published in 2011 has confirmed a positivecorrelation between the proportion of children who received vaccinations ineach state over the interval from 2001 to 2007 and the incidence of autism orspeech and language impairment.”10″For each 1% increase in vaccination rate, 680 additional children were diagnosedwith autism or speech delay.

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