In what nutritional and medical experts have discovered.

In today’s world, our lives are often influenced by thosein positions of power or fame.

 Whether we notice these influences in ourdaily lives or not, they still impact us in one way or another.  Forexample, celebrities and sports figures promote their products and dietsconstantly, and although we may try to avoid them, we tend to subconsciously beinfluenced into believing what our role models promote.  Similarly, whenlistening to these influential people boast about their life-changingdecisions, such as eating gluten-free, many people suddenly feel inclined tofollow in their path.  While this may seem like a reasonable dietingmethod at first glance, we must look beyond what celebrities promote andconsider what nutritional and medical experts have discovered.  Medicalexperts have found that gluten-free diets often fall short on obtaining keyminerals such as fiber, iron, zinc, and potassium, and these minerals areessential in one’s everyday life.

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 Gluten-free foods are also costlier. Since these products cannot be cross contaminated, it must undergo processingin its own facility, and after must acquire at least two regulationcertifications to allow for the ‘gluten-free” label.  Fads, such as going gluten-free, are warpedinto something that is a “trendy” diet for those who are not actually requiredto follow it.r1   Under the assumption that the individuals beinginfluenced by these fads have no prior knowledge on topics such as gluten, itis believed that social media creates a one-sided view and leaves individuals underinformed and questioning “is a gluten-free diet a healthy diet?”r2  With the significant cost increase in gluten-free food, as well as thelack of key vitamins, grains, and minerals, it is more likely a gluten-freediet will leave you poorer and less nourished than a traditional diet, andsocial media may be a primary reason for it.


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