In organization. They also contribute to job involvement

In today’s complex world, job is an an important part of life,without which one can not gain a well defined status in today’s greedy world. In every field of work, job satisfaction is always an issue to debate with regards to achieve a high level of productivity, good financial status and success within an organization. Satisfaction means getting that what a person expects from someone. Job satisfaction is best defined as a set of emotions, behaviour and feelings that employees shares with their work. Job satisfaction describes how happy or satisfied an individual is with his or her job. Doing a job in which one is professional and mastered, doing it well and being suitably rewarded for ones effort in form of salary is what the job satisfaction implies.

Many researchers state that the employees who experience high job satisfaction contribute to financial development of the organization. They also contribute to job involvement and organizational commitment and becomes the shinning star of the company. Furthermore, the physical, mental and social well being of a satisfied employee is improved. Nowadays most organizations are working to make job satisfaction a top management priority while on the darker side many organizations have failed to make job satisfaction a priority of management such organization suffers huge lose in field of social and financial development. Various researchers came to a decision after several researches that employee productivity and performance and organization’s success is an impact of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction further implies one’s enthusiasm ,happiness and diligence with one’s work.

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There are several qualities that an employee seeks to have in a satisfactory job as its framework. The first quality that every employee want to have a job is good pay.The organization which pay a healthy salary will be the first and foremost choice of every employee.

It is often seen that the organization which pay a high salary consists of workers who works diligently and those believes that caring is most important for success of the employees of those organization. The employees of the organization who doesn’t pay a good amount goes on strikes of several days and are often seen acting violently towards their supervisors, directors and with colleagues while the employees who are well paid will never indulge in such creepy acts. “As the ageing workforce increases, organizations face new challenges to attract and retain such workforce. Employers who fail to recognize and take proactive steps to address the issue of ageing workforce would face serious consequences in terms of shortage of workforce in the future (Armstrong and Templer, 2005).”***An employee also wishes to have a job that provide great opportunities to gain new experience and knowledge and the provides interesting assignments to do in which he or she doesn’t get bored. In such a way the employee’s mind will be set to take the organization to the path of success and will not get indulged in the foolish acts like strikes.

An employee also loves to work in an organization that have a higher level of work pace,good environment,helpful staff, good feedback which will provide higher job scope and opportunities and higher will be the level of satisfaction. Another parameter that is a part of satisfactory job is promotion possibilities, if an organization will provide promotion possibilities to the employees than the employees will give their thousand percent in doing their work to gain promotion while the employees of the organization that doesn’t provide promotion opportunities will work dull and there will be no enthusiasm amongst them to do their work diligently. A management is also an aspect of one’s satisfactory job every one wishes to work under a management which provides technical,mental and moral support to its workers . Managers also play an important role in making the employees satisfied and happy. “Managers should also modify and improve managerial performances in order to increase the motivation of the employees, their level of job satisfaction and, finally, achieve better quality and outcome of work of a health care institution”**** The last but not the least parameter that a worker expects to have in satisfactory job is having helpful, intelligent, and understanding colleagues and the level of social support. When employees are enjoying a higher degree of job satisfaction they tend to be more helpful and friendly with colleagues at work and will promote teamwork which will provide a good working environment and there will be negligible chances of conflict amongst them but the unsatisfied workers will be more prone to conflicts with their colleagues.

There are two features of job satisfaction one is face satisfaction which is described as the tendency for a worker to be either be very satisfied or less satisfied with job salary, promotion opportunities or working environment. Second feature of job satisfaction is overall satisfaction which is all about internal condition of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a person in several traits which means that is a person is well prepared to face things that he or she will be satisfied with every condition that prevails. There is a massive difference between the attitude of the satisfied employees and the attitude of unsatisfied employees . The employees who works under satisfactory conditions uphold the spirit of diligence, they feel that their job is interesting and so they are willing to give extra efforts at work for the benefits of whole organization in several traits. Instead the employees who work under unsatisfactory conditions find their jobs meaningless and boring and that the reason why they have pessimistic attitude towards their work which leads to a decline in productivity and social status of an organization. Promotion is also one of the main things that matters in any person’s job satisfaction.

“In principle, plenty opportunities for promotion are a vital contributor to job satisfaction because promotions contain a number of valued signals about a person’s self-worth. Such signals may be material (such as an accompanying raise), while others are social (recognition in the organization and increased prestige in the community) (Vigoda-Gadot, 2003).”****https://www.uniassignment.

com/essay-samples/management/the-importance-of-job-satisfaction-management-essay.php. The another difference is that the employee who work under satisfactory condition will act friendly towards its colleagues and will understand each others point of view and will uphold the spirit of teamwork which will avoid every type of conflicts. Somehow the employee who work under unsatisfactory condition will never try to understand his or her colleagues point of view and so will never arrive to a mutual decision which will lead to conflicts day in and day out. The satisfied workers will always obey its management and directors and will never disobey them but the unsatisfied workers will always have an argument with the management and directors on each and every topic which will lead to several strikes and the act of violence. The relationship between satisfaction and performance there is same as relationship between dissatisfaction and turnover and absenteeism. High employee turnover is a matter of great concern and tension for management as it disrupts the normal working system of organization.

Satisfaction and absence from work is inversely proportional to each other in field of work,that means that when satisfaction is high absence is less and when satisfaction is low absence from work reaches to the highest limits. Less satisfied employees are more likely to be absent from work due to silly reasons. Dissatisfied employees are more likely to quit their jobs. Job dissatisfaction is also correlated with theft, grievances or decision to retire early. If one is not satisfied with his or her job than the thoughts of theft will always revolve around his head in the same way how earth revolve around sun. Researchers has found that people who believe that their work is important have lower absence as compare to those who do not think that way.

When people are dissatisfied with their jobs they are more prone to accidents while working as they are not alert the employees who are satisfied will take care of each and every step that he takes which will surely avoid and accident. Job satisfaction can also lead to higher productivity and success. Irrespective of job title and honours the employees who have high job satisfaction will achieve higher productivity and success in each and every field. Satisfaction in job also develop a feeling of loyalty amongst the employees towards the management and directors.Customer satisfaction is very important aspect of each and every organization. If customers are happy with the organization the door of success will be directly opened. The performance of an organization or company gets marked by keeping their customers satisfied.

There is direct relation between employees satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Satisfied employees are friendly,polite and responsible in nature that is always appreciated by the customers. Since satisfied employees have high rate of retention customers are more likely to be treated by them. The satisfied employees build customer satisfaction and loyalty towards its organization. Moreover the work which an organization will provide to the satisfied workers will be of superior qualities.

Along with several advantages of job satisfaction there are some disadvantages like if a company will provide all the satisfactory conditions to its employees than the employees will get used to it and will never try to get out from its comfort zone which is not a true spirit of human life.In conclusion, one can say that the person who get satisfactory job conditions are likely to make better employees than those who does not get satisfactory condition. Satisfied employees will give their thousand percent to bring the organization to the path of success. On the contrary one should also be ready to reject his or her comfort zone when ever needed.


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