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In today’s competitive world, leadership has been challenging for many people. A leader is a person who has the ability to influence others to their maximum performance by inspiring and motivating them to accomplish a specific task. As mindy gibbins-klein asserts that leadership is about having a vision, sharing it with others and inspiring them to create their own. It is important for students to experience leadership skills in college, as it develops a sense of responsibility and build confidence to them selves. In order to achieve independent learning, we must have leadership skills so we can rely on ourselves.
Looking back at my journey so far in academics, I had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and had the chance to exhibit them as well. We used to study leadership in high school and this is how I started my journey of being a leader. I realized that being a leader is a quality that I would like to see in myself. At first, I enjoyed being the leader because I felt like I had the power to control my team and I had the chance to give them instructions and they had to obey them. In a certain point, I realized that I paralyzed my teams thinking and they were following me blindly. Thereafter, I realized that in order to become a successful leader, I have to motivate them to accomplish the task and inspire them along the way and this is how they will develop their skills and be a better image of themselves. I believe that I was a great example of a leader in school, but I am looking forward to improve it. I think college is the right place where I can accelerate my growth as a leader and develop my skills successfully.
In order to strengthen my leadership skills, I can volunteer for leadership positions like joining the student’s council in college and become a member of it by proving my skills to reach the desired position. I will have to run meetings, communicate with the student’s council members, and more. This will help me build strong leadership skills.
Also, leading and working in a team in class can also strengthen my skills by practicing the experience which I got earlier in school. Starting at the point where I realized that the leader has to motivate the team and inspire them to accomplish the task. In addition, learning from established leaders is an example of how to improve my leadership skills. College is the perfect place to do so. It offers a wide range of opportunities to improve my leadership skills. Therefore, I should take advantages as much as I can of these opportunities to make the most of my leadership skills. This will happen by attending workshops and listen to successful and experienced leaders and take some advantages from them. Also, I shouldn’t miss out the chance of learning from qualified and experienced individuals like professors who are leaders in their fields.


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