there will be a description

In this chapter, there will be a description of all the designed parts.

The design plays a huge role in the rapidly changing manufacturing sector. Proceeding with the new design technology, human became very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail related to the design, therefore, a lot of new software and theorems have to be included such as; proximity, symmetry, continuance, closure etc. These are the most common qualities of design, which help attract new customers and meet their requirements.

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The aim was to create a 3D drawing with exact materials, colors, shapes, dimensions, etc. The construction of the design was done by using Solid Works 2017, which is a 3D modeler using parametric design. It generates three types of files relating to three basic concepts: the part, the assembly and the drawing .A complete file containing the set of relative to the same system is a digital model. Many software supplements the SolidWorks editor. Utility-oriented utilities (sheet metal, wood, construction …), but also, mechanical simulation applications or computer graphics work from the elements of the virtual model.


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